Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We have come to Nova Scotia for a couple of weeks of rest and vacation with Lizs' family over the Christmas Holiday. It has been a busy year and we have very much been enjoying some down time before we get back into the swing of things.

It's Christmas Eve, it's snowy, the gifts are wrapped and we're sipping hot cocoa. Most importantly though we want to remember to honour the Lord this Christmas in all that we do. His sacrifice for us began at the manger and was completed at the cross, sometimes it's easy to forget that.

It's a fabulous time of year, we hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas wherever you are!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Festive Frolics

The Northern Canada Evangelical Mission, Eastern Field Ministry Team.

It has been a wonderful Christmas Season. We have very much enjoyed having with us these past few weeks our Eastern Field directors Len and Lorrayne Breen. They have been traveling the region visiting with NCEM missionaries and encouraging all of us in our various ministries. On Wednesday we had a meeting at Arrowhead with the whole team. Len updated us on some new policy information, some details about our upcoming training (P.A.T.H.) and we talked about how some of these things will impact Arrowhead this coming summer. It is certainly going to be a team effort with both the Strouts and ourselves away for 9 (+) weeks leading up to camp. But we are certainly up to the challenge and are looking forward to what the Lord is going to do this year at the Center.

Our Christmas meeting was punctuated by a lovely lunch brought to us by Lorrayne and a gift exchange that was a lot of fun! After the meeting, we all piled into vehicles and made a convoy to The Homestead Restaurant in Riverview. We were met there by some of our Associate Missionaries and MK's living in the area. It was not only a wonderful homestyle meal, but a very enjoyable opportunity to fellowship. A grand time was had by all. We sure do have a great bunch down this way! Thanks Len & Lorrayne for all of your work - it was a great encouragement to have you among us. We look forward to seeing you in the new year!

Len & Lorrayne Breen, our Eastern Field directors. We sure do love em'.

Good Friends...

...Good Fellowship!

Secret picture taken covertly during the big meeting.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Tractor Tales

We have indeed had something of an adventure with the Arrowhead Tractor. It has been difficult and required some careful stepping, but I believe we have come to a bit of a resolution, although not ideal it is the best we can do.

Late in September, Kevin called Arbing Equipment Ltd. a Case tractor dealer in Sussex. We had some work that needed to be done on the tractor and were looking at having as much done as possible. Kevin gave them a list of what to look at and possibly repair if needed (alternator, brakes, windshield wipers, lights, hoses, tires and chains). They were given this list with the stipulation that we wanted to spend no more than $2,000. Unfortunately this is where the story breaks down. Although Kevin called repeatedly in the subsequent weeks and asked for a quote or any information regarding the cost of the work, he was told that it was impossible to give quotes on this sort of work. The one piece of information that we did have was that new chains would cost $1,300 plus tax. So we expected that we may not have all of the work done from the list, but we never could find any information out from the dealer.

After six weeks of calling looking for information, the dealer told Kevin that it was ready and that the bill came in at $5,512.61. At that point Kevin asked me to find out what I could about what we could do in the situation. We had clearly asked not to spend over $2,000 and they had clearly taken advantage of us.

I spent a day on the phone. I talked to the Better Business Bureau, to Consumer Affairs at the Dept. of Justice, the office of the Ombudsman for NB. In the Province of Ontario there is legislation to protect consumers from this sort of treatment by service shops. The Consumer Protection Act demands written quotes and a deviation of no more than 10% from the expectation of the consumer without a new quote or verbal permission. Unfortunately for us Maritimers we are on our own. Each office I spoke to was VERY sympathetic, but could suggest nothing that was helpful to us. I did call Case® International as well, and they opened an incident report, but again I am still waiting on them.

I spoke to three different individuals at Arbing Equipment. Initially when I called, the service manager was out of province so I spoke to the parts manager. While I was talking to him I was aware that someone else had picked up and was listening in, which was fine really, but certainly put away any trust that might have been lurking in my mind. The parts manager informed me that the number Kevin had been given was actually incorrect as it did not include the cost of the chains, $1,469.00 after tax. He also informed me that there was a $390 trucking fee for the chains, information which had been omitted when Kevin initially inquired of the cost of chains for the tractor.

The actual total of the bill was $6981.81. We were somewhat mortified, not only that they would breech our $2,000 mandate so grossly, but that they wouldn't so much as call and talk to us about it. My suggestion to the parts manager was that, even though they had made the error, if they removed the chains and brought the labour down to a total bill of $3,500 we would do our best to work with that. He laughed in my ear.

A week passed, I spoke to the Service Manager after he returned from being away. He said he would do what he could. But none of the folks at Arbing Equipment remember anything about a $2,000 cap. Which is convenient since the majority of the bill is labour ($3,000 to be exact - which comes out to 46.153 hours... oddly specific). I asked for a detailed breakdown of the labour, what was done and how long each task took. They cannot provide information like that, all they can tell me is that between Sept. 29 and Nov. 12 we accrued $3,000 in labour.

A couple of days after I spoke to the service manager I received a call from a salesman at the office, I can only assume this is who was listening in when I called initially. I'm not really sure why they passed me off to a salesman, but that is indeed what happened. For the first time since we had delivered the tractor, I was faxed an invoice from Arbing Equipment. I spoke to the salesman a couple of times and we have come to a resolution. We at Arrowhead are not satisfied with this resolution, but I believe it is the only way we are going to get our tractor back without legislation in New Brunswick to protect us. The tractor shop is going to remove the chains at no extra cost for labour and "donate" $1,557.61 to Arrowhead, leaving our bill at $3,955.

The Canadian Consumer Handbook does talk about deceptive business practices, but basically it just says... be careful. It would be great if a local MP would champion some legislation along the lines of Ontario's Consumer Protection Act, to protect Maritimers from 'forgetful' service providers.

The tractor should be returned this week, without chains and in running condition. We are thankful that this has come to a conclusion, and that the Lord is in control. Sometime we don't understand why things must be difficult, but He knows what's happening. His grace is sufficient and his mercy is great, so we continue to trust in Him to provide for all of the needs at Arrowhead as He always has.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wind & Waves

Thursday was rainy, but promised to remain above zero... so we decided we'd make the best of it. Kevin and I have been awaiting the return of the Arrowhead Tractor so we could pull the docks up out of the water. Unfortunately the issues we are having with the dealership are preventing us from adequately getting to some of our chores. But to spite the rain, we wanted to get the docks in, so we enlisted the assistance of our field director, Len Breen. Through the wind and rain the three of us accomplished the last of our waterfront chores.

After a hot shower, and armed with a mug of cocoa I dove into the books. I'm still a rookie, but I enjoyed getting started on my new task. Roan did an excellent job of introducing me to Quickbooks, I feel quite confident in what I am doing, and have a clear picture of what is required to properly keep the books.

Friday Kevin, Len and I popped into Fredericton to visit with Venus and pick up an entertainment center that she donated to Arrowhead. It was great to spend some more time with Len and have a little visit with Venus. Friday night we enjoyed some more time with Len and Lorrayne. We had them up to our place for a little bite and a great evening of visiting and laughter...

Saturday was Christmas. Well it was for my family at least. We always gather together early in December for what we call 'Little Christmas', play games, chow down and exchange gifts.
It was a great time. We did however have a bit of a long night. We left my sisters home at about midnight, and what is usually a 1 hour drive took 5. We rolled into Cumberland Bay at 5am and flopped into bed. We're looking forward to a quiet afternoon.

This coming week promises to be full of exciting happenings. We are having an Eastern Field meeting at Arrowhead on Wednesday and will be enjoying a Christmas dinner that evening with all of our friends and colleagues. We are looking forward to seeing everyone!

I have a bit of work to do on the skirting of the mobile, before we get too much more snow. I'm also hoping to catch up on the book work this week. There are some more winterizing things that need to be done at Arrowhead and cleaning up the shop is an ongoing process. I'll post some pics when it's all done.

I'll post again tomorrow with an update on the tractor for you. We have come to a solution and should be getting the tractor back in the next few days.

Kevin anchoring ... the anchor. We tied a rope to our anchor chain and fixed it to shore, just in case the bouy lets go or there is a problem with the ice.

Ship to shore!

Len piloting the docks to higher ground.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

travels, teeth & tractors!

We're Home. Not that we've been able to say that very often over the past two months, but here we are.

Liz enjoyed her time with family while I was out West. Our Christmas errands are just about complete now and we are looking forward to enjoying the rest of the Christmas Season.

My return from Prince Albert was smooth with little adventure to punctuate the journey. I was able to chat with some very nice folks during my layover in Toronto, which certainly helped pass the time. Arriving in Moncton, I was greeted at the airport at about 11pm by Kevin, James & Ben. The guys were on a break from NBBI for American Thanksgiving, so Ben came and spent his time with Liz and I. It was great to have him with us, on Saturday Ben and I had some adventures in Moncton, through which I learned the value of keeping an extra key in the car somewhere... but for future reference, they can cut a key from two broken pieces of the original... in case you were curious! Ben was with us until Sunday afternoon, when we left once again, for Nova Scotia.

Liz had some dental work to be done in Windsor and Halifax, so we drove to Windsor Sunday afternoon and stayed with friends. Liz was in the chair at 8am and I picked her up after 12. It was a long stretch, but the work is almost complete. After another appointment in Halifax we headed back to New Brunswick.

We stopped and picked up my mom on our way by Moncton, and are enjoying her company for a couple of weeks. It is very nice to be able to have her here and spend some time with her. She, Liz, Marcia and Deanna have gone to a ladies dinner at the church tonight.

We are also very pleased to have our Eastern field Directors, Len and Lorrayne Breen with us for the next couple of weeks. We have very much appreciated their ministry to us as they have come on as our directors. They are staying at the home of Roger & Janeice Hill and will be available to us while they are here. We have a couple of meetings booked with them and are looking forward to a gathering of the Eastern Field next week. I'll snap some pics if they're not all too shy.

I do have a prayer request on behalf of Arrowhead. We have been having a struggle with our tractor, or rather, the service to our tractor. We are still working on the details, so I will not say too much, other than that our expectation of the bill from our service provider and the final tally of the bill are far different things. I am looking into the situation, but please pray that I will have wisdom and patience. Please pray also for wisdom and honesty on the part of the shop that has Arrowhead's tractor. I will know tomorrow just where the situation stands and will share more details at that time.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Some Book Learnin'

This week I am in Prince Albert for some training. For my time here, the focus of training is in relation to finances. Roan Elford, NCEM's CFO, has graciously dedicated a few days this week to teach me how to properly manage the bookkeeping for Arrowhead. After I have done this training, I will be assuming the responsibilities of finance and bookkeeping for Arrowhead. I am looking forward to undertaking this challenge. There are a lot of various books within NCEM and Roan has spent a lot of time making sure they are all done correctly and that they will all work together properly.

I am very much enjoying my time at headquarters. It's always nice to spend time with these folks, they're a great bunch out here.

Lizzie took the opportunity, while I'm away, to spend some time with her brother and sister-in-law. They are visiting in Maine for a few days. It'll be nice to be together again on Friday!

Roan and I in his office.

Dennis Siemens manages the print shop, he'll be printing our new prayer cards so I can take them home with me on Thursday.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas Devotionals

Our home church in Windsor, Nova Scotia publishes an Advent devotional booklet each year. We were pleased to be asked if we would again like to contribute. I sent two offerings for the booklet and thought I'd post them here for you to read as well. We were limited to just 150 words, which I found to be a challenge... I do tend to prattle on. :0)

Below you will find the devotional for December 14th.

December 14
Reading: Matthew 6:24
Two Masters

"No one can serve two masters; for a slave will either hate the one and love the other, or be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth." Matthew 6:24

We live in a materialistic society. Life and love are defined by material possessions. Every Christmas, with increasing ferocity, we teach our children (and each other) this very lesson. We purchase mountains of junk, and allow ourselves to be so distracted by stuff that we entirely neglect Jesus Christ.

Christ defined true love for us at the manger and demonstrated it to us at the cross. He sacrificed heaven to come to Earth. To be born, to suffer and to die. To spite this we’ve allowed the World to define life for us in our possessions.

What if, this Christmas we actually sought to serve God and not pander to greed. This year sacrifice, but sacrifice as service to God. You may enter the New Year with less stuff, but when life is all over, God will not be remotely impressed by your collection of things. Your relationship with Christ is far too valuable to be traded for the sparkly trinkets of this world.


Dear Heavenly Father, I know that the purpose of my life is to bring honour and glory to You. May I
seek always after You, and not be distracted by the things of this world. Help me to allow my ‘self’ give way to your glory.

Friday, November 13, 2009

There and Back Again

This week has been great. On Monday Kevin and I traveled to N.B.B.I. to visit some of our summer staff who are students. We have five students there who have worked at Arrowhead in the past. We took them out for supper and spent the night in the dorm with the guys. It was a great time, and we had an opportunity to reconnect with them and with some old friends at the school. Both Kevin and I took the opportunity to sit through some classes and chapel - it was very refreshing.

When we returned on Tuesday, Liz and I had the pleasure of visiting with some good friends from Windsor. Our pastor and his wife, Jeff and Sharon White came to visit with us. It was a great encouragement to see them and be able to spend some time with them.

Yesterday, Liz and I took the opportunity to do a little more unpacking and catch up on some office work. It's coming along, slowly but surely... it's beginning to feel like home.

Today, Liz and Marcia set off for N.B.B.I. This weekend is the Ladies conference at the school. They were picking up Venus Coté and a couple of other ladies on their way, it should be a good opportunity for them to spend some time together and enjoy some fellowship and teaching.

Next week promises to be a little quieter, it should give us an opportunity to finish our move into the mobile home, here in Cumberland Bay. But it should also allow Kevin and I to get some winterizing projects done before the work team arrives in a couple of weeks.

Later this month, I am scheduled to go to Prince Albert to headquarters to receive training from Roan Elford, the head of our finance dept. For the two days that I am there, I will be trained to do the books for Arrowhead. Having this training take place at headquarters is important to maintain consistent book keeping throughout the departments in the mission. I look forward to starting in on helping with the ministry at Arrowhead in this practical way.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Discipleship Weekend

We have had a student intern working with us and living at Arrowhead for the past six months or so. Deanna Bleakney is a student at Bethany Bible College in Sussex and as a part of her course requirements has been involved in various aspects of this ministry.

As a part of this program she was required to organize and operate an event at Arrowhead. This past weekend she ran a discipleship event for some of the kids who came to know the Lord this past summer. We were expecting a group of about ten kids, but unfortunately at the last minute a lot of them pulled out due to H1N1 concerns in Oromocto. We did still have a couple of kids wanting to come, so she held the event anyway. And in fact it turned out really well. The young fellas that did come have had some real struggles and the Hills have been praying for them for quite some time.

The one on one time Kevin and I were able to share with them was very valuable. One of the guys is a teen and very much into reading some dark fantasy novels and role playing games. Over the weekend, Mr. Hill read through one of his novels. After reading the novel and seeing some of the vast complexities of the storyline etc. he strongly encouraged this guy to read some of the stories in the bible. By the time we dropped the guys off at their home, he had read a vast portion of Revelations and seemed to be like it... he had a lot of questions, but seemed to really grasp what was being expressed. The Hills had recommended that he might like the 'Left Behind' books, so we may try to get him some from that series to read.

We had a lot of fun too, some of the young people from Cumberland Bay Baptist Church came and spent Saturday night with us, we played some Risk® and there was some flashlight tag, lots of junk food... and much giggling.

On Saturday Deanna had two sessions with the guys, one focusing on prayer and just what prayer is about. What exactly it means to talk to God. The second was about devotions, reading your Bible, how to do that and why it's important. The weekend ended on Sunday morning with a service, Carroll Hill gave an excellent message, very appropriate to the guys.

Kevin and I drove the guys home on Sunday afternoon. We got about twenty minutes from the camp when a radiator hose blew and spewed water all over the truck. We pulled over to have a look and found a very burst rubber hose and a very wet engine. Kevin made a desperate call to Tim Weaver and he and Lisa buzzed out to rescue us. He had a hose that fit and had us back on the road in a few short minutes!

It was a great weekend. Please pray for the two young guys that came from Oromocto for this event, and that the fellowship and Bible study will impact them. That they will have a desire to know God more and attend the Hills kids club regularly. So they can continue to learn and grow.

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Plethora of Pennies!

MDP training is right around the corner. As you know the 9 weeks of training that we were slated to take last year were postponed until 2010. We've begun to receive correspondence about the upcoming sessions and are preparing ourselves to go.

We and the Strouts will be setting off for the West in late April next year for our P.A.T.H. training (formerly MDP).

Both of our families work as volunteers, relying 100% on financial gifts from individuals and groups who wish to contribute to the work being done with NCEM at Arrowhead. Arrowhead, a ministry of the Northern Canada Evangelical Mission, has a mandate to reach Canada's First Peoples here in Atlantic Canada with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

N.C.E.M. requires all new candidate missionaries to take training in preparation for working in the various aspects of ministry throughout the country. As such, both the us and the Strout's have been asked to take part in 9 weeks of courses and training in Saskatchewan.

It is our understanding that these courses will encompass many important areas that can affect our ministry and are intended to equip and provide us with skills and knowledge to better serve at Arrowhead. These are to include, cultural training, language training, worldview, Biblical, Even survival training.

These courses are not given by N.C.E.M. and as such are quite costly to the missionaries who attend. We will also bear the burden of travel expenses. We are planning to travel together with the Strouts to reduce these costs.

We are expecting the costs associated with this training, including travel expenses to come in at around the $20,000 range. (this figure is a total including travel, tuitions, childcare, room and board for both us and the Strouts) Which brings me to our task at hand. It is our hope and prayer, that with your help we can raise the expense for this training by collecting 2,000,000 pennies. And you can help! Every single penny will count!

We will be hosting a penny rolling party at Arrowhead on February 27 (details to follow) we'd love to have you come. If you are too far away to attend and you or your group would like to contribute to our penny collection (if you're in Nova Scotia or England or the US you're still welcome to participate :0) feel free to host your own penny rolling party in the new year and take some pics for us. Then simply cash in the pennies for a cheque or money order and send it to the address below with a note, ear marking it for the Strout's and Fawcett's training. All of the pennies we collect will be evenly split between the Fawcett's and Strout's to cover the expense of this training. If you do have a group (youth group, W.M.S., choir, seniors, congregation, Bible Study, office, etc.) that is collecting, it would really encourage us if you let us know.

We are trusting in the Lord to provide for this one time expense, and look forward to completing the training and getting back to Arrowhead to the work at hand. Thanks in advance for your support... P.S. spread the word.

To contribute send your donation, with a note indicating that it is for the Fawcett's and Strout's training to:
Northern Canada Evangelical Mission
PO Box 3030
Prince Albert, SK
S6V 7V4
Phone: 306-764-3388
Fax: 306-764-3390

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Oh Well!

Unpacking can certainly be a big task, this I know from years of experience, this move to Arrowhead is actually the thirteenth time I've packed and unpacked. We are taking a bit of time to do it, because we are doing some painting and things beforehand so we won't have to do it later on, after we're all settled in. But it is coming along, I think we'll be all done with any painting and building this week and should be right at home by the end of next week.

We've had a busy week at Arrowhead. On Monday we got a call from a local Well Drilling company, the owner, Mr. Mowat had been to our men's breakfast and had offered to drill a new well for Arrowhead. He came on Monday afternoon for a look, and soon returned with his trucks. Over the course of the next day or two, Mowat's Well Drilling sunk a 215 foot deep 10" well. They capped it yesterday and we will be testing the water in the next week or two. The first response from the well was 10 to 12 GPM, which is a massive improvement over our old well. We had been having trouble keeping enough water during busy times, but we shouldn't have any trouble now! Mowat's Well Drilling has done this work as a donation to the camp! Praise the Lord!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Lisbon Falls Baptist Church

We're home.

As you know we've been in Lisbon Falls, Maine to represent Arrowhead at a missions conference. We had a wonderful week, and had a lot of opportunity to share about the ministry happening here at ANBC.

For the duration of the conference, we were billeted out with some friends of ours in Lisbon Falls, Dan & Gwen Michel. It is neat how the Lord ties everything together. As a matter of fact, this was not the first time we have been in the church in Lisbon Falls. Liz and I were there three years ago to attend Peter & Elizabeth's wedding (Lizs' brother and the Michel's daughter). We've been growing closer with the Michel's ever since, so we felt very much at home for the week while we were visiting with them.

The church also provided for our meals for the week, individuals graciously took us into their homes at dinner times, between sessions. It was a great way to get to know some of the folk from the church.

The conference officially began on Sunday morning, Kevin was asked to take the Junior Church, I assisted him with that. He did a great job of illustrating for the kids the importance of having Christ in our lives.

On Sunday afternoon we were treated to a wonderful dinner at the home of Mrs. Sanborn. She is a wonderful lady with a real heart for missions, all summer long she holds yard sales to raise money to send to mission organizations that are really on her heart. And the Lord has really blessed her ministry, through donations of goods, she is never short of things to sell for Him.

Each session of the conference featured presentations by two missionaries, and a great time of fellowship afterwards. Neither the Strouts, nor ourselves were involved in the Sunday evening sessions.

On Monday we were invited by Larry & Melissa Strout (Kevins parents), missionaries in Argentina with Avant, to the family home in Paris Hill for a BBQ. We enjoyed very much the time to get to know them a bit more and spend a few hours with Kevin, Marica and their family.

On Monday evening Kevin shared about growing up as a missionary kid and how that impacts his ministry now at Arrowhead Native Bible Center. There were four missionaries slated for Monday evening, so his time was a bit short, but he made excellent use of the time he had and gave an excellent presentation.

Tuesday morning, Liz and I did a few necessary errands in Lewiston and Topsham. We had run short of prayer letters and prayer cards and were able to get a few more printed before the evening session. We enjoyed a wonderful meal and fellowship in the home of Brian and Peggy Ganong on Tuesday evening. We had wished the session were a bit later in the evening to give us a bit more time to visit.

Tuesday evening was our turn to share. We were given about half an hour to introduce ourselves, share a little bit about how we were called to this ministry, and just what is happening at Arrowhead and with NCEM. Lisbon Falls sent a team of 13 people to camp this past summer, as a result, many were already familiar with Arrowhead. Their excitement about the ministry and things happening at Arrowhead was a huge encouragement. It was exciting to be able to share with them a little more in depth, just what we are hoping the Lord will use us to accomplish here.

We very much appreciated the chance to share and fellowship with our friends, supporters, prayer warriors and co-laborers at the Lisbon Falls Baptist Church for their 48th annual missions conference.

On Wednesday morning, Kevin, Marica, Liz and I were able to share in Chapel at the A.C.E. Christian school at the church. It was quite a moving morning. We shared the camp promo, talked a little bit about the camp, Kevin once again shared some illustrations about the necessity of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. And at the request of the pastor we shared the 'Letter from Hell' video with the senior students. This video is a short clip that Kevin discovered, this past summer we used it in our staff training. It is a powerful video and very graphically illustrates the importance of verbally and practically sharing the gospel with those people in our lives who don't have it. The school principal gave opportunity for students to stay behind afterwards to talk to us. We had opportunity to minister to three students from the school who had questions and concerns about the gospel.

The missions conference concluded on Wednesday evening with quite possibly the largest pot luck dinner I've ever had the privilege of attending. We had a wonderful missions challenge from Larry Strout and several hours of fellowship. It was a wonderful conclusion to a full week!

We had good traveling, the Lord kept us safe on the roads and kept the Strout's van running. We traveled together with them, and used two-way FM radios to communicate.

Now that we are home, we're hoping to finish with the unpacking and are planning to assist Deanna (our intern student) with an event she has planned for this weekend, as a part of her course requirements. I'll certainly keep you posted on our progress.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Missions Conference.

We have been having a wonderful time at the missions conference here at the Lisbon Falls Baptist Church, in Maine. It is such a huge encouragement to be able to meet and visit with missionaries from across the globe and fellowship with friends. I helped Kevin out a bit with Junior Church yesterday, it was a great time to spend with some of the younger folks. Tonight Kevin is speaking and tomorrow I will be presenting Arrowhead. On Wednesday morning, Kevin and I will be speaking for the chapel service at the Christian School.

We'll try to have some pics to post after the conference, we don't have easy access to internet so it may be another couple of days before we post again. Please keep us in prayer as we travel and speak during this week.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bible Clubs, Passports and Boxes

A huge answer to prayer! I received my elusive birth certificate in the mail today, and immediately jetted off to Fredericton to apply for my passport. It will be ready for me to pick up on Friday morning at 10 am on our way to the border. Praise the Lord! We won't need to miss any of the missions conference. We're very much looking forward to reconnecting with some new friends and old!

This has been a full week for sure! Monday evening we took advantage of the opportunity to go to Oromocto to share in the ministry of Carroll and Cathy Hill at a Bible Club. It was really nice to see some of the kids from camp and spend some time with them. We will enjoy periodically going to Oromocto, as time permits, to help the Hills out with the club there.

On Tuesday we traveled to the elementary school in St. Mary's to assist Venus Coté with the Bible club she runs there. It was exciting to be able to be a part of that ministry for the evening as well.

We're still doing battle with the boxes, but now that we have a shed in the yard it has improved our box situation immensely. We'll get back at the unpacking when we return home!

Tonight Deanna had a planning meeting for the upcoming discipleship retreat. She has planned a weekend retreat in November for some campers who made professions of faith this summer. It is an opportunity for some discipleship and follow-up. We will be assisting her however we can, this event is a part of her internship requirements.

Tomorrow we will be preparing to travel early on Friday morning. We were able to find a kennel locally here in Chipman for the dog, and with the paperwork all under control, we're all ready to go but for the packing. Stay tuned for updates from the missions conference, we received our itinerary in the mail today and it looks like it's going to be an exciting few days!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ladies Retreat.

What was the best part of the ladies retreat at Camp Arrowhead...could it be the sounds of laughter being echoed across the camp, or maybe it was the outstanding food that we consumed. Could it have been the fun games we played together as a group, or perhaps it was the pampering that we got from the Mary Kay lady. I bet it was the hilarious 'fashion' show that we had Saturday night, oh no wait, it was the karaoke and hearing Gracie and Cathy's duet of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Or maybe it was the scavenger hunt we had Saturday on a beautiful fall afternoon. While all these things were great and a huge part of our weekend, I would imagine that every lady that was there would say that the best part of the weekend was the gathering of ladies wanting to learn more about God and praise HIm for all that He has done for us.

The theme for the weekend was 'Reflections of a Lovely Lady'. I myself have to admit to my failure and difficulty in obtaining the quality's of a lovely lady. However our special speaker, Beth McMahon, very eloquently and lovingly showed us from the Word of God how to become one and what attributes God looks for in a lovely lady. We looked at Proverbs 31 and Titus 2 as our reference.
We also enjoyed having Myrna Smith for the weekend as our special music. We were both blessed and encouraged through her ministry in song.

Venus Cote, Karen Fearn and Sue Bear each shared their testimonies over the weekend. It was amazing to hear each lady tell of how God worked and is working in each of their lives to bring them to Him and some from very unimaginably difficult situations. One thing that was so evident is how God can completely change a persons life. When we look at some people and how down and out and desperate they seem, sometimes we think, or at least I am guilty of thinking, there is no hope for them...they are beyond help, but that is so not true with our God. He and only He can change the life of the most down and out desperate person. In the end we are all sinners and deserve to go to hell, but thank God He loves each one of us equally and died for each one of us that we can have eternal life through Him, and have Hope!

So with out a doubt the best thing about the weekend was learning how to become the Reflection of a Lovely Lady, and to see and hear how God is changing and molding each one of us to be just that.

See you next year!

We were treated to special music Myrna Smith!

Mrs. Beth McMahon was our guest speaker for the weekend.

Some of the ladies enjoying pampering courtesy of Mary Kay.

Mr. & Mrs. Gray worked tirelessly in the kitchen.

Some of the gals relaxing.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Settling In!


It certainly is a lengthy process... settling in that is. The telephone issues seem to have been resolved... it's a long convoluted story that involved some errors on behalf of Aliant. Suffice it to say we can now call out and people can call in... so I suppose it's a success. I'll put all of our new contact info at the bottom of this post.

A truck cap was donated to the camp this past summer, it isn't exactly the correct matching cap, but it's a very close fit. Jonathan DeNuke kindly did some modification on it to make it fit a little better.

Thanks again big fella.

This past week took Liz and I to both Moncton and Fredericton. We had to go to Moncton to buy some much needed groceries and necessities after the move. We also had our passport photos taken. We are scheduled to be at a missions conference in Lisbon Falls Maine at the end of this month, so it is necessary for us to both have passports for the trip to the States. That is what took us to Fredericton, we paid a visit to the passport office. Liz was first to the window and everything went fine, her passport will be ready in time for our trip. I however ran into a couple of snags. I had been to Chipman to register the car, get an NB drivers license and insurance. Unfortunately the DMV transposed my name on my drivers license, so it was not accepted by Service Canada... I'll have to go back to Chipman tomorrow to get a new one. That, however, is not the big snag. I was born in Montreal in 1978, and apparently in 1994 they mandated that everyone born in the province prior to that year had to apply for a new birth certificate. To add gas to the fire, Quebec is the slowest province at granting copies of birth certificates. It will take six days to process my application. The cost for this accelerated service is significant as well. So, it's in the Lord's hands whether or not I receive a passport in time to travel to Maine. I will be exceptionally disappointed if we cannot go. I am looking forward to seeing many new friends who were at Arrowhead this summer for a missions trip.

Besides all of the running around for red tape etc. we've been busy with making the mobile livable. Kevin has done so much for us - I really don't know what we would have done without him! The most urgent issue with our new abode was the well, the pipes had frozen last winter and new lines needed to be put in. Kevin had that work done prior to our arrival, and he and I have been working on burying the lines this week. We are expecting a backhoe to come this week and put the issue to rest!

If we look bewildered... it's probably an accurate impression.

Another hurdle Liz and I had to overcome was storage. In Windsor, we had quite a large attic for storage, although we have a ot of space here, the storage is minimal. The Lord provided though, I bought a finished building from a fellow just up the road from here - and the price couldn't be beat. It's a 12' x 14' shed, vinyl siding, shingle roof, fully insulated and gyproched, and for only $800. It should be delivered this week sometime. Once that arrives we should make some better headway on settling in!

This morning Liz and I went with Kevin and James to the high school in Chipman. Today was a special day at the school focusing on alcohol abuse, Kevin, Liz and I went as monitors for the discussion groups. James had the opportunity to share his testimony. There were 3 pastors from the community there as well. It was a great opportunity for us to show some support for the kids, we have several kids at the school who work as staff at Arrowhead throughout the year.

This week Liz has been doing some cleaning over at Arrowhead in preparation for the Ladies retreat this coming weekend. She and Marcia are making a trip to town for supplies and groceries tomorrow. I will be working in the dish pit.

Our new contact info:
619 Cox Point Road
Cumberland Bay, NB
E4A 2N9



Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Telephone Woes

Well. We returned home on Saturday night, Liz and Marcia had returned from Nova Scotia earlier in the day. We spent the day Sunday recovering from our travels and got busy with unpacking on Monday.

Sunday afternoon we discovered that the phone was no longer working. We had noticed a buzzing on the line before we left last week, so a service call was already booked for yesterday. I waited all day for a tech, she arrived at abut 3:30. To shorten a long and painful story, we've been on the phone (cell) with Aliant numerous times and still have no phone service (and no more cell minutes). I am waiting around again today for a technician to return. If there was another option for service I'd switch providers.

Marcia and Liz have gone to Moncton today to get supplies for the upcoming ladies retreat. It is a busy week and there is quite a lot to do along with unpacking.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Natural Gas Leaks

Yesterday while Kevin and I were doing dishes Carl Epp and Jonathan Yeo did a little investigating of a strong smell near the Natural Gas junction at KBI. Upon closer inspection and the judicious use of some soapy water it was discovered that there are some significant leaks in the natural gas lines here at KBI.

Please keep this issue in prayer as it is a safety concern and will most certainly need immediate attention, it will however most likely be very costly.

The bubbles you see are generated by the Natural Gas leak reacting with the soapy water.

This is a significant leak.

Let's hope this truck doesn't backfire!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

meetings and things.

Today we've continued to enjoy the teaching of Mark Zook in the Chronological Bible Teaching Method. There is a lot of information, and the seminars have been very insightful.

This morning we enjoyed a skit by the KBI students, illustrating the concepts and ideas we've been studying all week. For those of you who are unfamiliar – KBI (Key-Way Tin Bible Institute) is the Bible School run by NCEM in Lac La Biche, Alberta.

Kevin and I were on dishes today at lunchtime... everyone has pitched in on dish duty throughout the week...

Tonight, Kevin and I, with the help of Blaine Witherow will be filming some interviews for an upcoming Arrowhead movie presentation. We are hoping to put together a short film documenting the early days of Arrowhead and it's history through the years - as well as vision for the future.

Kevin and Conrad chatting during breaktime.

Eric and Michelle sneak a late breakfast.

KBI students presenting a skit about Chronological Bible Teaching.

They did a great job of illustrating the things we've been learning this week.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Conference Hijinks...

You never know what's gonna happen when you get 90 missionaries all together in one place. :0) We're having a great week for sure, both in the meetings and afterwards.

A little target practice with the boys.

Eric at the controls.

The East is certainly impacting our new field director.

A bit of ... um ... fatigue.

Some of the MK's and students ... and Kev.

Andrew Siebert ... far more energetic than I.

A Mic for Mike.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chronological Bible Teaching Method

We've been enjoying seminars this week by Mike Matthews and Mark Zook. Some of you may recognize Mark Zook from the Ee-Taow movie, produced by New Tribes Mission. He worked for years with New Tribes Mission among a tribal group in Papau New Guinea. Using the Chronological Bible Teaching Method he brought the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people and planted sustained indigenous churches.

Under the teaching of these two men, we are learning about the Chronological Bible Teaching method and been enjoying some very interesting small group discussion. I am very grateful to be able to be here to be a part of this training and have been very much enjoying the fellowship and learning.

Chronological Bible Teaching Seminars with Mark Zook.

Some of our Tribal Trails crew is here recording footage of the seminars.

Monday, September 28, 2009

On The Road Again...

Saturday Morning Departure:

According to the 4 inch screen in front of me, I am currently cruising at 40,642 ft at a speed of 461mph. Kevin and I departed for Lac La Biche this morning at about 7:45 am from Cumberland Bay, NB. We boarded a WestJet flight in Halifax at 12:35. At 3:00pm (ATL) we landed in Toronto and met up with Len and Lorrayne Breen, our Eastern Field Directors. We are now jetting over Manitoba on our way to Edmonton. We will be met there by, Lydia Goede, a friend from headquarters in Prince Albert. We will then travel with her from there to Lac La Biche.

Back Seat...

While Kevin and I are at meetings in Alberta, Liz, Marcia and the kids will be taking the opportunity to do some visiting with family and supporters in Nova Scotia.

I am really looking forward to the meetings, there are 80 missionaries expected to be attending these sessions at KBI. It will also give Kevin and I the opportunity to meet some more of the NCEM family and see the Bible School facilities.

I'll do my best to keep you posted throughout the week!

Saturday Evening Arrival:

After a hearty burger and poutine at the Iron Horse Cafe in Waskaknau we arrived at KBI in Lac La Biche at about 12:30am (ATL). The wind is quite strong tonight and it is raining a bit. Bobby Moberly showed us all to our respective quarters. Kevin and I are in a cabin with all of the other 'single' guys, there are bunks for 13, and they are expected to be nearly full. We expect that the rest of them will be arriving tomorrow. The washrooms are just up the hill and the main lodge is beyond there. We will be having breakfast with the Seiberts tomorrow.

Sunday Morning:

We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast with the Siebert family and headed out to Kikino to fellowship Sunday morning with a native church.

Lydia Goede chaufered Kevin and I and the Breens to the Kikino community for Church.

Kikino Fellowship Church, Kikino, Alberta.

Monday Morning:

This morning, we are beginning our first seminar on Chronological Bible Teaching with Mark Zook. Looking very much forward to hearing from him.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Big Move.

Well, it's done.

All of our possessions are now resting safely at our new residence in Cumberland Bay, New Brunswick. Kevin arrived on Thursday afternoon and the two of us went to Dartmouth to retrieve the moving trailer that I had rented. We brought it back to the house and packed it full. After we'd fully loaded the trailer we noticed that it seemed to be riding very low at the hitch. We had used the incorrect type of receiver for the trailer. Fortunately, Lizs' brothers are very resourceful and brought along the tools and a correct hitch to get us mobile without unloading the trailer.

Kevin drove, pulling the U-Haul behind one truck.

Pete pulled the larger trailer behind his truck.

Before Kevin arrived I loaded up our car with a lot of glass and breakables.
So on Friday morning when Peter arrived with another pick-up and trailer we had already packed a great deal of things. We packed everything else (most everything at least) into Peter's trailer and put our 'shed items' (lawn mower, wheelbarrow etc) in the back of Pete's pick-up.
Jonathan and Dianne arrived just as we were finishing up and we loaded the plants, television and some new laminate flooring for our living room in their van.

The little car that could.

forgot to snag a picture of Jon & Dianne with their load... so this is a shot of them following the convoy to Cumberland Bay.

We hit the road at about 11am Friday morning, Peter led the convoy, Kevin following Pete and I was behind Kev, Jonathan and Dianne closed out the group. We each had radios (my call sign was Rubber Duck) and were able to keep in contact through the traffic. We did find that we used the same channel as some flagmen at a construction site which was kinda fun...

The parking lot that was once our front yard.

Convoy! (That's Pete in the front and Kev just ahead of me.)

I had a bit of a transmission leak up around Wentworth, but nothing too serious, it prompted my engine light to come on, but it's nothing I wasn't already aware of. We took a short break and headed back out. The journey was fairly smooth and there were no real problems... until Salisbury that is. Just as we pulled into the Silver Fox rest area I found that my brakes were not working adequately. After pulling around to a parking spot, my break light came on and I lost the vast majority of my stoppage. Jonathan had a look and it turned out that I had a hole in my brake line. So we topped it up and headed back out on the road. I lost breaks again fifteen minutes later, but was able to make passable use of my emergency fo the remainder of the journey. Saturday morning after we had unloaded, Jonathan repaired my brakes! Thanks big fella!

This seems to be a common position for our car.

Pretty lights.

We arrived at 619 Cox Point Road at about 5:30pm and got to unloading. We took some remaining furniture that had been in the trailer over to the camp before we unloaded everything. We stopped unloading before we were finished because we anted to lay the new laminate floor in the livingroom before we brought in the livingroom furniture. Kevin and Marcia very kindly fed us all at their house and then we returned to the trailer to start in on the floor. We worked on it until 2:00am and called it a night. Pete and I would up talking for 2 more hours about the condition of the Christian Church, and finally closed our eyes for a couple of hours.

I don't know what we'd do without Kevin!!

The new floor looks awesome.

On Saturday morning Peter and I finished up the flooring while Dianne and Jonathan went to Chipman to get the brakeline that I needed for the car. He had it one in just a few minutes, and we were back on the road to Nova Scotia by noon. There was a bit of confusion as to where I should deliver the U-Haul, but I ended up leaving it on Mapleton Road in Moncton.

I was back in Windsor in time to have a short nap and go to a going away party at Tracy and Adams place. It's certainly been a busy few days, but it promises to contine for quite some time.

This morning, our church friends said a lovely good-bye to us, and we enjoyed a meal out with friends. Tonight Liz and I are speaking at Sheffield Baptist Church in Halifax. Tomorrow we head to the valley to visit our lawyer regarding the sale of our home and we then return to finish cleaning up for the closing day. Wednesday we'll likely be on the road by noon-ish or early afternoon - whenever everything is finalized.

This Saturday Kevin and I fly out to Edmonton to travel to Lac La Biche for a week of meetings about Chronological Bible Teaching. We are looking forward to the meetings and the oppotunity to spend some time with sme of our colleagues. Liz will be going home to visit her parents whil I'm away, and when we return we'll have the overwhelming task of unpacking and settling in to the mobile home in Cumberland Bay.

I'll do my best to keep you posted about our progress with the transition and all of the goings on!