Saturday, June 11, 2011

Yard Sale...

Today we hosted a flea market of sorts at Arrowhead - we were hopeful that we'd have a good turnout to spite the fact that we are a bit off the beaten path! It wasn't a bust and we had a great day! Rob and Irene VanAsperen came down to join Liz and I and Marcia as we held our sale in the big field. There were several items of Arrowhead's that we felt would be better in different hands than sitting at our property collecting dust. Arrowhead raised over $300 for our dock project.

Irene baked some beautiful baked goods and had them for sale (our fridge is now sufficiently stocked with goodies - yay!). Liz had the BBQ going and we sold hot dogs and pop. It was a fun day, a productive day and a beautiful sunny day and we were able to get rid of some superfluous things from our move.

We were excited when a couple of carloads of friends from Riverglade Baptist Church pulled in. They checked out the yard sale and were able to have a tour of ANBC and see all of the work that has been accomplished this Spring!

A great day to spend with friends.

Liz and I will be traveling to Nova Scotia today to collect the generous gifts of several churches who have taken part in the Grocery Grabber program. We'll make a little video blog of our journey and take you along with us! It should be a fun week.

Plans for camp are coming along, Staffing is all coming together very nicely - we should be well staffed this year. The Lord has certainly been humbling us as He's provided for us in this area of camp. We are now working to communicate closely with the band leadership and recreation departments to ensure that all of the kids that want to come to camp get here! Please keep this item in prayer over the next few weeks.

Friday, June 3, 2011

On the Road

This past weekend, both Kevin and Marcia, Liz and I were on the road. The Strouts were asked to give an Arrowhead update at Devon park Baptist Church in Fredericton. This past Sunday was their camp Sunday and church members brought in cereal and kitchen items for the various camps represented. This week Rob Burns, pastor of families brought the generous gifts to us here at ANBC.

Gifts like these are such a wonderful blessing to the ministries at Arrowhead.

While the Strouts were at Devon Park, Liz and I visited Nasonworth Baptist Church, just north of Fredericton for their camp Sunday. It was so encouraging to be able to share and then to fellowship with the directors of some of the other Bible camps in our area. Dennis MacQuarrie and his family were representing Sandy Cove Bible Camp, a CSSM ministry. And Steve Alward was representing Greenhill Lake Bible Camp. It's during these brief opportunites for our paths to cross that we can share ideas and burdens with one another! The church held a pot luck following the service and we very much enjoyed fellowship with everyone.

This week we've been busily preparing for the summer; connecting with our staff and campers, doing maintenance and Spring clean-up. We are expecting two NBBI students to join us in just a couple of weeks. They will assist with a lot of the physical jobs that need to be done before everyone else arrives.

It's a busy time, please keep us in prayer as we seek to accomplish everything so that the summer camps may be as effective as possible for the Glory of God!