Friday, November 6, 2009

A Plethora of Pennies!

MDP training is right around the corner. As you know the 9 weeks of training that we were slated to take last year were postponed until 2010. We've begun to receive correspondence about the upcoming sessions and are preparing ourselves to go.

We and the Strouts will be setting off for the West in late April next year for our P.A.T.H. training (formerly MDP).

Both of our families work as volunteers, relying 100% on financial gifts from individuals and groups who wish to contribute to the work being done with NCEM at Arrowhead. Arrowhead, a ministry of the Northern Canada Evangelical Mission, has a mandate to reach Canada's First Peoples here in Atlantic Canada with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

N.C.E.M. requires all new candidate missionaries to take training in preparation for working in the various aspects of ministry throughout the country. As such, both the us and the Strout's have been asked to take part in 9 weeks of courses and training in Saskatchewan.

It is our understanding that these courses will encompass many important areas that can affect our ministry and are intended to equip and provide us with skills and knowledge to better serve at Arrowhead. These are to include, cultural training, language training, worldview, Biblical, Even survival training.

These courses are not given by N.C.E.M. and as such are quite costly to the missionaries who attend. We will also bear the burden of travel expenses. We are planning to travel together with the Strouts to reduce these costs.

We are expecting the costs associated with this training, including travel expenses to come in at around the $20,000 range. (this figure is a total including travel, tuitions, childcare, room and board for both us and the Strouts) Which brings me to our task at hand. It is our hope and prayer, that with your help we can raise the expense for this training by collecting 2,000,000 pennies. And you can help! Every single penny will count!

We will be hosting a penny rolling party at Arrowhead on February 27 (details to follow) we'd love to have you come. If you are too far away to attend and you or your group would like to contribute to our penny collection (if you're in Nova Scotia or England or the US you're still welcome to participate :0) feel free to host your own penny rolling party in the new year and take some pics for us. Then simply cash in the pennies for a cheque or money order and send it to the address below with a note, ear marking it for the Strout's and Fawcett's training. All of the pennies we collect will be evenly split between the Fawcett's and Strout's to cover the expense of this training. If you do have a group (youth group, W.M.S., choir, seniors, congregation, Bible Study, office, etc.) that is collecting, it would really encourage us if you let us know.

We are trusting in the Lord to provide for this one time expense, and look forward to completing the training and getting back to Arrowhead to the work at hand. Thanks in advance for your support... P.S. spread the word.

To contribute send your donation, with a note indicating that it is for the Fawcett's and Strout's training to:
Northern Canada Evangelical Mission
PO Box 3030
Prince Albert, SK
S6V 7V4
Phone: 306-764-3388
Fax: 306-764-3390

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