Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Settling In!


It certainly is a lengthy process... settling in that is. The telephone issues seem to have been resolved... it's a long convoluted story that involved some errors on behalf of Aliant. Suffice it to say we can now call out and people can call in... so I suppose it's a success. I'll put all of our new contact info at the bottom of this post.

A truck cap was donated to the camp this past summer, it isn't exactly the correct matching cap, but it's a very close fit. Jonathan DeNuke kindly did some modification on it to make it fit a little better.

Thanks again big fella.

This past week took Liz and I to both Moncton and Fredericton. We had to go to Moncton to buy some much needed groceries and necessities after the move. We also had our passport photos taken. We are scheduled to be at a missions conference in Lisbon Falls Maine at the end of this month, so it is necessary for us to both have passports for the trip to the States. That is what took us to Fredericton, we paid a visit to the passport office. Liz was first to the window and everything went fine, her passport will be ready in time for our trip. I however ran into a couple of snags. I had been to Chipman to register the car, get an NB drivers license and insurance. Unfortunately the DMV transposed my name on my drivers license, so it was not accepted by Service Canada... I'll have to go back to Chipman tomorrow to get a new one. That, however, is not the big snag. I was born in Montreal in 1978, and apparently in 1994 they mandated that everyone born in the province prior to that year had to apply for a new birth certificate. To add gas to the fire, Quebec is the slowest province at granting copies of birth certificates. It will take six days to process my application. The cost for this accelerated service is significant as well. So, it's in the Lord's hands whether or not I receive a passport in time to travel to Maine. I will be exceptionally disappointed if we cannot go. I am looking forward to seeing many new friends who were at Arrowhead this summer for a missions trip.

Besides all of the running around for red tape etc. we've been busy with making the mobile livable. Kevin has done so much for us - I really don't know what we would have done without him! The most urgent issue with our new abode was the well, the pipes had frozen last winter and new lines needed to be put in. Kevin had that work done prior to our arrival, and he and I have been working on burying the lines this week. We are expecting a backhoe to come this week and put the issue to rest!

If we look bewildered... it's probably an accurate impression.

Another hurdle Liz and I had to overcome was storage. In Windsor, we had quite a large attic for storage, although we have a ot of space here, the storage is minimal. The Lord provided though, I bought a finished building from a fellow just up the road from here - and the price couldn't be beat. It's a 12' x 14' shed, vinyl siding, shingle roof, fully insulated and gyproched, and for only $800. It should be delivered this week sometime. Once that arrives we should make some better headway on settling in!

This morning Liz and I went with Kevin and James to the high school in Chipman. Today was a special day at the school focusing on alcohol abuse, Kevin, Liz and I went as monitors for the discussion groups. James had the opportunity to share his testimony. There were 3 pastors from the community there as well. It was a great opportunity for us to show some support for the kids, we have several kids at the school who work as staff at Arrowhead throughout the year.

This week Liz has been doing some cleaning over at Arrowhead in preparation for the Ladies retreat this coming weekend. She and Marcia are making a trip to town for supplies and groceries tomorrow. I will be working in the dish pit.

Our new contact info:
619 Cox Point Road
Cumberland Bay, NB
E4A 2N9



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