Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Circle Summit 2015

The Circle Summit was held at Arrowhead last week. The purpose of which was to examine together the Great Commission as it relates to the local church and Cross Cultural ministry. We heard from seven speakers and had two excellent discussion panels. It was a fantastic conference and we had a nice turnout. For those who were unable to be with us, the conference has been recorded and DVD's will be available (stay tuned for links to watch the sessions online as well).

At Arrowhead it is our hearts desire to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ clearly and fully proclaimed to the First Nations people of Atlantic Canada. In the book of Matthew the great commission was given to the local church, as Christians we have a burning desire to see the gospel communicated and to see people come to repentance and faith in the God of all creation. There are so many things that can complicate the effective communication of God’s Truth, that it is not only worth our while; but an exercise in obedience to examine just how we can ensure that when we proclaim the gospel, that it is being understood clearly.

I really believe that the Circle Summit achieved our goal and gave us an opportunity to examine just what is involved in obeying the great commission in a cross cultural setting, and doing so in a way that is as glorifying to God as it is effective.

These missionary ladies served everyone in the kitchen for the conference.

Fellowship is always a fantastic part of conferences at ANBC.

Berea came all the way from Nova Scotia to serve in the kitchen.

These First Nations believers took part in a very helpful discussion panel, if you missed it you'll want to be sure to get the video.

Sean Crowe addressed us about the parachurch and how it can be obedient to the local church and the great commission.

NCEM missionary Phil Welch shared with us his passion for the Gospel and the need for it to be effectively communicated in Atlantic Canada.

Most of our speakers took part in a discussion panel on Saturday morning for the conclusion of the conference.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Wood Point Baptist Church

It was a tremendous blessing to be able to be with the congregation at Wood Point, New Brunswick for their morning worship and evening service. I was pleased to be able to share for the morning Sunday School and look a little more closely at just why Cross Cultural communication is so very important. The morning service allowed me the opportunity to open the Word and to introduce the ministries of NCEM at Arrowhead a little more specifically. As Baptists are known for, we enjoyed an impressive spread for a pot luck supper in the evening and I was given the opportunity to share the story of how the Lord brought us to Arrowhead to serve Him.

Pastor Danny Jack and I attended Bible school together, and I am excited for he and his family as they embark on a new chapter of their lives. They plan to leave and engage in itinerant full time evangelistic ministry. You can be in prayer for them as they seek the Lord's leading.

It was a beautiful crisp Fall Sunday at Wood Point.

Friday, October 2, 2015

ANBC Fall Work Week 2015

We are always blessed by the ministry of those who would come to serve the Lord at Arrowhead by using their God given abilities and talents to benefit the Bible Center. This Fall we were blessed, once again, in fellowship and hands on labour by the folks at Lisbon Falls Baptist Church.

It was with fond memories of our dear friend Ken Hodgkins that we worked alongside one another this year, without him. He was missed, and we reminisced about his love for the Lord and serving Him.

The gang was here for a week and we accomplished some much need projects at the mission house.

They built a much needed deck on the back of the new addition, that will now allow us to use the back door. Here we are transporting the framing from the shop to it's location at the mission house.

For a year the front deck on the mission house has sat askew and about six inches too high; unfortunately, due to the challenges we faced with the addition we ran out of time to put it back into place properly. We are now very happy to have it repaired and in place.

Pastor Jones peering into the hole for the dryer vent, it needed replaced, and we clamoured in under the house to replace it.

Mom and Valerie worked on a 22 foot long curtain for the chapel, to serve especially for the upcoming Circle Summit.

Here are the lads working at building the framework for the mission house deck.

Moving that framing into place was it's own challenge!