Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summer Day Camps 2015

The first two weeks of our summer at Arrowhead have been filled with wonderful travel. We've had the opportunity to be welcomed to a number of communities in New Brunswick to offer day camp programs. The first week, our team had the privilege to visit Woodstock First Nation, Saint Mary's First Nation and Eel Ground First Nation; our second week had us traveling to Oromocto First Nation and to the Island of Grand Manan where many of the inhabitants enjoy Pasmaquody heritage.

We had the opportunity to meet some moms and dads and lots of children who came out to take part with us. Todd Nielsen was with us and clearly taught the Gospel at each location; everyone worked hard to make the day camps a great success.

 Puppets and camp music on Grand Manan.

 Our music and puppet team hard at work at Saint Mary's.

Todd sharing some Gospel illusions on a beautiful sunny (& windy) day at Eel Ground.

Todd talking about the "Holy Bible" with some of the kids at Woodstock.

Face painting was always a huge hit.

Becca and John took care of the dog roasting and water for snacks.

Mom was our designated prize lady for the day camps. Everyone loves Edie!

Bouncy house, face painting and the beginnings of a game with the kids at Eel Ground.