Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wind & Waves

Thursday was rainy, but promised to remain above zero... so we decided we'd make the best of it. Kevin and I have been awaiting the return of the Arrowhead Tractor so we could pull the docks up out of the water. Unfortunately the issues we are having with the dealership are preventing us from adequately getting to some of our chores. But to spite the rain, we wanted to get the docks in, so we enlisted the assistance of our field director, Len Breen. Through the wind and rain the three of us accomplished the last of our waterfront chores.

After a hot shower, and armed with a mug of cocoa I dove into the books. I'm still a rookie, but I enjoyed getting started on my new task. Roan did an excellent job of introducing me to Quickbooks, I feel quite confident in what I am doing, and have a clear picture of what is required to properly keep the books.

Friday Kevin, Len and I popped into Fredericton to visit with Venus and pick up an entertainment center that she donated to Arrowhead. It was great to spend some more time with Len and have a little visit with Venus. Friday night we enjoyed some more time with Len and Lorrayne. We had them up to our place for a little bite and a great evening of visiting and laughter...

Saturday was Christmas. Well it was for my family at least. We always gather together early in December for what we call 'Little Christmas', play games, chow down and exchange gifts.
It was a great time. We did however have a bit of a long night. We left my sisters home at about midnight, and what is usually a 1 hour drive took 5. We rolled into Cumberland Bay at 5am and flopped into bed. We're looking forward to a quiet afternoon.

This coming week promises to be full of exciting happenings. We are having an Eastern Field meeting at Arrowhead on Wednesday and will be enjoying a Christmas dinner that evening with all of our friends and colleagues. We are looking forward to seeing everyone!

I have a bit of work to do on the skirting of the mobile, before we get too much more snow. I'm also hoping to catch up on the book work this week. There are some more winterizing things that need to be done at Arrowhead and cleaning up the shop is an ongoing process. I'll post some pics when it's all done.

I'll post again tomorrow with an update on the tractor for you. We have come to a solution and should be getting the tractor back in the next few days.

Kevin anchoring ... the anchor. We tied a rope to our anchor chain and fixed it to shore, just in case the bouy lets go or there is a problem with the ice.

Ship to shore!

Len piloting the docks to higher ground.

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