Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This past weekend Kevin and I met Phil and Gracie Welch in Halifax at Mount Saint Vincent University for Jesus to the Nations (J2N). This conference exists as Atlantic Canada's Mission Fest and we were pleased to represent NCEM and Arrowhead. We had many opportunities to talk to people about NCEM and the work happening here in the East. Several young people expressed interest in coming to serve at Arrowhead for the summer camps and we had a couple of serious inquiries about serving with NCEM.

Kevin and I left on Friday morning and arrived at Mount Saint Vincent for the opening at 6pm. Saturday was a full day as we manned the NCEM table. We were able to connect with pastors from our area who are burdened for our neighbors, Canada's First Nations people. Pray that these opportunities will grow and blossom into wonderful ministries.

Now that we're back, our travel will subside for a while as we prepare for the upcoming work week at the end of April. We are expecting several teams from near and far to come to Arrowhead and help us with some important projects! If you're going to be in the area and would like to drop in a helping hand, just let us know! We'd love to have you! We will be burning some brush on April 30th and can use all the help we can get.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

AMPED Camp Night

Last Saturday night, Kevin and I were invited to Devon Park Baptist Church in Fredericton for their monthly youth rally. The theme of the night was Summer Camp Ministry, and we were pleased to share about the ministry at Arrowhead with potential campers and staff. We shared the evening with five other Bible camps and very much enjoyed reconnecting with some other Bible camp directors from the area.

This coming Friday, Kevin and I are on the road again. This time we're heading to Halifax for Missions Fest. "Jesus to the Nations" is the Atlantic Canadian Missions Conference and we have been asked to represent NCEM at this year's conference. Kevin and I will be there with Phil & Gracie Welch from Friday until Sunday afternoon. If you're in the area drop in and say hi.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Great International Bottle Drop!

Attention churches, Sunday schools, Youth Groups & Friends! We have a challenge for you! We have a need at Arrowhead and there is something YOU can do to help us out!

The water level at our lakefront fluctuates a lot during the course of the year. As such, our current floating dock and boat propeller have taken beatings. Practically we need a longer dock that will reach out into deeper water. We have been given an estimate by a ...local metal fabricator to build a 120 foot movable dock with a pressure treated deck for $6,000.

You can read a little more about it and see a picture by clicking HERE:


Our challenge to you is this! For the month of April, 2011 collect and save as many bottles and redeemable recyclables as you can and cash them in on behalf of Arrowhead Native Bible Center. This will work in most provinces and states (except Ontario - where you can collect the aluminum and cash in by the pound).

It is our challenge to everyone to collect enough recyclables to help us pay for a new dock. At 5¢ refund for most bottles we need to collect 120,000 bottles.

Invite your friends to join the challenge! The more the merrier... feel free to join us on our Facebook page!


In Canada you can send your gift of proceeds to:
Northern Canada Evangelical Mission
P.O. Box 3030
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
S6V 7V4

In the United States:
Northern Canada Evangelical Mission
P.O. Box 50806
Billings, MT

(remember to indicate it's for the Arrowhead Bottle Drive!)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

mawio'mi: the gathering

Arrowhead Native Bible Center is hosting our first Men’s Gathering conference on May 20 - 22, 2011. Men ages 16 and up are welcome to join us for a fantastic weekend of fellowship, worship and time in the Word. Throughout the weekend we will be blessed by guest speaker Kirk Hubick and special music with Paul Patterson. We will also be having a special seminar facilitated by David Goodfellow on how to build a potato cannon (which... will certainly be accompanied by some competition)!

We would like to make this event available to as many men as possible, and we realize that many of you have responsibilities that may prevent you from coming for the entire retreat, there are three options available. You can come for the entire event beginning on Friday evening and running until Sunday afternoon. If you are a pastor or simply need to be home for Church you can attend for just the Friday and Saturday portions. Or you may choose to come only to our Men’s breakfast on Saturday morning. The choice is yours, but we encourage you to register as early as possible, space is limited.

You can download a registration form for this event by clicking the banner to the right or by clicking this link:

Space is limited, so be sure to register early!

" I will behave myself wisely in a perfect way.
O when wilt thou come unto me?

I will walk within my house with a perfect heart.
I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes:

I hate the work of them that turn aside;
it shall not cleave to me."

~Psalm 101: 2-3

Monday, March 7, 2011

Back in Prince Albert

Well, for Kevin, Venus and I, the journey didn't end with the Church Planting Seminars. We loaded up the mission van in Lac La Biche on Friday afternoon after the last session with Dr. Tom Steffen. We traveled with a van load of missionaries to Prince Albert where we have been staying with Albert and Barb Heal. We have enjoyed the hospitality of several NCEM families as we've had the opportunity to be at Headquarters. It has been enjoyable as we've had fellowship with NCEM families in their homes each evening.

We spent the day Saturday resting, and did make a foray down the road to get a coffee fix. Saturday night, Albert Heal, NCEM General Director, took us to a Prince Albert Raiders hockey game.

Sunday we worshiped at First Baptist Church in Prince Albert. They have quite an active church and a seriously high tech website. You can view the service we attended by clicking HERE.

Monday and Tuesday we've been in camp meetings at head office. It has been absolutely wonderful to spend time with other camp administrators and work through some issues that we all face. NCEM has several camping ministries across the country and we all face challenges and opportunities that we have been able to share the last couple of days. It has been a great encouragement to us to be here for the meetings.

We fly back home tomorrow from Saskatoon. We will arrive in Cumberland Bay close to midnight. It has been a great trip, but it will certainly be nice to be home with our wives!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

snow, snow and more snow

While I'm away out West with Kevin, Liz has been holding down the fort at home. These are a few shots she took yesterday of the snow at the Center.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

worship, witchcraft and worldview

On Sunday morning we worshipped with the Native Fellowship church in Hobema. Attending, was a lady who had been struggling with witchcraft and wicca. She come through it by the strength of the Lord. She shared her testimony with us and publicly renounced the practice of these things. The missionary pastor prayed and shared this passage from Acts with us:

"And many of those who practiced magic brought their books together and began burning them in the sight of everyone; and they counted up the price of them and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver." ~Acts 19:19

As a public symbol, we went out of the church and witnessed as she and the pastor burned the books of witchcraft that she had in her home. It was a very special opportunity to see the Lord working in her life as we were able to celebrate with her, a new life in Christ!

Yesterday was our first day of seminars with Dr. Tom Steffen, author of "Passing the Baton". He is working with us through a series of seminars dealing with the five stage church planting strategy. It has been quite interesting so far, and I've found that the discussions have clearly tied together all of the Worldview training seminars that we've been a part of to this point. And as always it's a pleasure to hear from Mike Matthews and share with everyone here in fellowship.

Kevin and I are staying in the men's dorm at the Bible School and today we acquired a new roommate. Jonathan Yeo drove in from Fort Liard, NWT, to take part in the seminars, so we've been having a great time catching up with him.

Watch for a video blog at some point this week. I've been asked to take a few shots of happenings at these sessions for the NCEM Facebook page, so I'll post them here as well in the form of a vlog for anyone who is interested in seeing where we are and what we're up to.