Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fall Corn Boil Fundraiser

On Saturday, we held our second annual Corn Boil and Pie Auction! It was a blast, we had a great turn out and people had a lot of fun bidding (and over bidding) on pies. The purpose of this particular fundraiser was to aid in raising funds for a new playground and water park. It is our hope, Lord willing, to see something installed next year to serve for our summer camp programs!

There was a great turn out, estimated between 70 and 80 guests to the Center.

Our friend Rob McCready served as our auctioneer for the evening. Pies were flying out the door, some for as much as $85!

It was a lot of fun to have Liz's brother and his family with us for the weekend, the kids helped a lot with getting ready for the event!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Kejimkujik Camp Out 2015

Due to the success of our Cape Breton camp out in 2014, and the very clear value in the trips, we decided to add a second week to our itinerary. The camp out to Kejimkujik National Park was a huge success. Suzanne Matheson and I took two LIT's (leaders in training) and six teenagers camping in lower Nova Scotia at Kijimkujik Nation Park and Historic Site. It was wonderful to be able to have a private tour of the Mi'kmaq petroglyphs and spend some time paddling on the lake. Of course we took some time at a local theme park for fun too. Relationships were forged, fun was had, Gospel was taught!

We enjoyed a picnic at Fort Anne in Annapolis Royal.

This is the First Nations dedication monument commemorating the petroglyphs.

 Our tour guide showing the kids the petroglyphs in the stone.

Phil & Gracie Welch were so kind to have all of us into their home for a wonderful spaghetti meal before our whale watching excursion.

What can ya say... roller coasters are awesome!

Cape Breton Camp Out 2015

This year Venus Coté and I had the privilege of taking 2 LIT's (leaders in training) and four teenagers on a camp out to Cape Breton. It was a fantastic camp, during which we truly enjoyed getting to know these young people. Our philosophy during these camps is "family camping", so we spent a lot of time together enjoying the camping experience and some wonderful things Cape Breton has to offer.

These camp out programs are such a valuable part of our overall ministry program here at Arrowhead.

A visit to the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site, we enjoyed a guided tour.

Observing some of our mighty God's creation we spent an afternoon whale watching.

An afternoon at a magnificent salt water beach, we spent some time swimming in the ocean.

Our time around the camp fire was both valuable and an important part of our trip.

Chipman Festival Parade

Arrowhead was invited to put a float in the parade in Chipman, NB this year. The parade was immediately following the last day of on-site camps, and we were in preparation for our camp out programs - so with that in mind we thought the best thing would be to enter the camp truck and camp out trailer.

We took the opportunity to distribute Bibles and Bottled water. Each Bible and each Bottle Water was given a label with a link on it to this excellent Gospel presentation video:

It was a great way for us to have Arrowhead present in our local community, while making clear just what it is that is our priority.

We had a few volunteers stay around and they helped us represent ANBC in the parade.

Ivy waving as we went by.

ANCB On-Site Camps 2015

This year we hosted 3 weeks of camp here on site; a teen camp (ages 13-18) and two junior camps (ages 8-12). I would love for us to have four weeks of on site camp, but there are some challenging circumstances that make it difficult to maintain three weeks of junior camp at this time. Arrowhead operates as a support ministry to Church planting ministry, and the simple fact is that there are just not enough missionaries in the field, here in Atlantic Canada, to support. With that in mind we are hosting a Summit here in October, that I hope will be well attended by local lay people and Church leaders who wish to see the Gospel go out among the First Nations people of Atlantic Canada. We have run into some challenges with respect to band funding as well, some changes in community leadership can make dramatic changes for the ability of young people to get to camp - one huge measure that directly affects getting these kids out to camp to hear the Gospel taught is camper sponsorship. If you would like to know more about that please feel free to be in touch with me.

This year we were so thankful for our three weeks of on site camp. They were a tremendous blessing. As is often the case, they were fraught with those challenges that God saw fit to teach us with. But I am so happy to report that the Gospel was clearly and comprehensively taught, and from our observations, clearly understood but many of our young people. As a measure of success, I can tell you that the Gospel was a central focus to our camps and handled well by both our guest speakers and our cabin leaders and volunteer staff. Plus... it was a blast. Here are a few pictures from our summer.

We enjoy sweet fellowship during our summer camps.

Bruce Steeves and a couple of the lads helping get our Friday "breakfast in bed" ready for the campers.

Relationships forged.

Tuck is a huge part of camp!

We had two challenges with our lake this summer; firstly we didn't have a lifeguard, this alone was unfortunately enough to keep us out of the water. However, our second problem was the closure of Grand Lake due to a "blue green algae bloom". So slip-n-slide was one way we kept wet!

Teen camp challenges are always fun.

Tuck Time!
Gathering time is twice a day, and is the center around which the rest of the day rotates. We were blessed to have teachers this summer who, not only loved the Lord, but taught the Gospel so clearly.