Sunday, October 24, 2010

SeaDoo Speedster.

NCEM has a program that runs up to four times annually. The MinuteMan program is a partnership with individuals who believe strongly in the ministries of NCEM, and a way to contribute financially to any number of ministry opportunities throughout the mission. Occasionally NCEM makes some of the needs at Arrowhead known through this program, making people aware of some of the needs we may have. Recently we received funds through this program to fill the need we have for a new boat at Arrowhead. We decided to wait until the fall and get the best possible deal we could on a new boat.

An opportunity arose to acquire a SeaDoo Speedster, and after some research and a test drive we decided this would be the best one for ANBC. Kevin and I went yesterday to pick it up. It has been winterized and is all ready for next Summer! It's going to be a great fit for us for a number of reasons, one being it's ability to operate in shallow water. We've had difficulty with the water level of the lake, and this boat should help with that. And because it's a jet boat and has no propellers it will be safer for camp time.

We're very excited about the new boat, and very grateful to all who contributed through the MinuteMan program.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Annual Arrowhead Shopping Trip.

Every year generous folks donate their Canadian Tire money to Arrowhead. We save it up all year long and then go on a shopping trip in the Spring and purchase much needed items for ANBC. This video is our way of showing the Canadian tire money being put to use. Keep us in mind when you're wondering what to do with your CT money... we're collecting again for next year!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Right on the Dot.

A week ago today Marcia and I were doing the last minute things that needed to get done before the ladies retreat began. This was the 3rd Arrowhead ladies retreat that I have been to, and from what I've been hearing, one of the most special and amazing retreats yet. And I have to agree, God truly blessed us with such an encouraging and inspirational weekend. One of the inspirations was our special speaker, Pam Izon. She is currently battling her 3rd brain tumor and has already won the battle with several other forms of cancer. Her positive outlook comes from the hope she has in her Saviour, Jesus Christ. Her future is uncertain, but as she says, 'either way I win'. Pam's daughter-in-law. Tammy, accompanied her to NB from Maine and she also shared her experience and impact that Pam's illness has had on her and the rest of the family. Again the message of hope we can all have in Jesus Christ and how He is our strength was evident.

Our theme for the weekend was 'Right on the Dot'...God's timing is perfect. Even when things may happen far from when we think they should happen, God knows best and has a perfect plan. As Psalm 37:7 says, 'Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him.

Janeice Hill gave her testimony Saturday night which was very encouraging. She reminded us of the importance of reading God's Word daily and really cultivating our relationship with Him. Psalm 119:103 says, 'How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth'! We should have a hunger for the Word of God!

Another inspirational part of our weekend was the music! Theresa Hickman provided our special music and was a real blessing to everyone. She is a very talented woman with a beautiful voice with which she sang worshipful and meaningful songs. We even had a hour long, on the spot sing along in which we sang favorite hymns and choruses after our meeting Sat night. Theresa accompanied the sing along on the camps old, very out of tune piano...what an amazing pianist she is! She made that piano sound beautiful!

The weekend went way too fast, it really is a wonderful time to come together as ladies and hear from other women how God has been working in their lives and to encourage one another. And of course we had lots of laughs and lots of food, that goes without saying!

I feel that I have not adequetley described what a wonderful weekend it was and how much we were all blessed by Pam Izon. She really is an amazing woman and despite the fact that we were unsure if she was even going to be well enough to come as speaker, it was obvious that God meant for her to be here for that weekend and that she was used and continues to be used by God to minister to others.

Please keep Pam in your prayers as she continues to fight her battle with cancer.

Megan & Alex with their fall bouquets!

Theresa Hickman our guest singer blessed us with her gift of music!

Janeice Hill shared with us her tesitmony.

We were truly blessed and encouraged by Pam Izon.

We had a great turn out and a wonderful time together.

We had fun learning how to put together a fall bouquet with Carolyn Thurber!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

fall colours.

It was a pleasure for me to be invited to Central Wickham Baptist Church today to share the ministry of Arrowhead with the folks there. I never cease to be blessed by the excitement and enthusiasm of people when they realize that there is a ministry such as Arrowhead in their back yard. It was an encouragement to reconnect with some old friends as well.

It was a beautiful day for a drive through the countryside. The leaves are stunning, I'll try to snap some shots this week to share.

The ladies retreat concluded today, and from all reports it sounds like it was a real blessing to all. Liz and Marcia worked hard to organize and prepare the weekend conference. Liz will give you a full report here shortly. Phil Welch and I tried to stay out of the way as much as possible and found ourselves put to good use in the dish pit.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WMS, Visitation and a Work Team

As I sit here and reflect on the events of the past year, I can't help but recognize just how very full a year it has indeed been. The Lord has upheld us through each challenge and given us strength as we've wearied. He's provided for our needs and allowed us to follow Him down all of the paths ministry has taken us. It has been a challenging year, and it has been a blessed year. As we find moments of rest this fall, it seems as though years have passed since we first moved here last September. We look forward to what the Lord has in store for us at Arrowhead Native Bible Center in the coming years.

Last week we had the wonderful privilege of having the Shediac Baptist WMS group for the day to visit at Arrowhead. It is always such an encouragement to have folks come visit who are enthusiastic about the ministry and potential at ANBC. We enjoyed the opportunity to share with them about the ministries here and give them a tour of the facility. NCEM missionary, Venus Coté shared her testimony and we were all blessed by the majesty of our Lord in His provision for each of us who seek after Him.

That evening, after the WMS group left, three of our staff and a teen camper from this past summer arrived to spend the night. The next day, joined by two more young guys who had been staff and Kevin & I, all eight of us set off for Burnt Church to spend some time with some of the teens who had been to teen camp this year. It was a great day, we had the opportunity to meet some of the guys parents and connect with them. We spent the day at the park and had a feed with the fellas at the Dixie Lee! All of the guys expressed interest in spending more time with us, and we are hopeful to have more opportunities to minister to them.

Last Sunday we were blessed to be joined at Arrowhead by two men from Lisbon Falls, Maine. The two gentlemen came to serve with us for the week. Not only did they accomplish a remarkable amount of work while they were here, the came armed with some wonderful tools, that they left as a gift to Arrowhead! We can't begin to thank them adequately for their servants hearts and willingness to share their gifts and talents with us. It was a real blessing to have Ken Hodgkins and Paul Marstell with us!

This week the ladies are preparing for the upcoming ladies retreat this weekend. It sounds like it is going to be a great weekend, and there is a large turnout expected, possibly the largest to date!

Ken working on skirting for the new office building.

While we had supervision, Kevin and I insulated the floor of the new office building.