Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pinawa, Manitoba

We've arrived safe and sound in Manitoba and are very much enjoying the conference. There are lots of meetings, but lots of opportunity for fellowship and visiting as well. Our keynote speaker, Brian Catalucci, from Answers in Genesis, is excellent and we've very much been enjoying his lectures. We've had an opportunity for a training session and will be having our general business meeting tomorrow. Here are a few shots from our day!

On our flight out to Winnipeg.

Prayer time with our mission family on Tuesday morning.

Keynote speaker Brian Catalucci from Answers in Genesis.

Music at chapel.

The dining facilities and meals at Wilderness Edge have been amazing!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

NCEM's 65th Anniversary General Conference

Hey everyone. We're just getting ourselves packed up to head out to NCEM's general conference. The conference is being held at Wilderness Edge Retreat and Conference Center, in Pinawa, Manitoba.

We will be hearing from special guest speaker Brian Catalucci, from Answers in Genesis. Most of the NCEM membership will be in attendance, so it promises to be a wonderful week filled with fellowship and time in the word. Please keep us in prayer as we travel, we will be returning on Friday, Aug 26. Watch for pictures and updates while we're away!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Alas... Camp is over!

Well, we've come to the end of summer camps for 2011 - and a wonderful summer it was. It was a summer fraught with great challenges and great blessings... God is indeed Good! For those of you who have checked in periodically over the summer, only to find that I had not made any updates with respect to our camps - I heartily apologize for leaving you in the lurch. However, any of you who frequent Facebook have likely found regular updates on the Arrowhead Page. Well, although this will not make amends, you will find a good selection of pictures and a video or two in this post.

Throughout the summer we were blessed by all of the volunteers who traveled from far and near to come and minister with us in various ways. We had a huge turnout of staff from our home church, Cumberland Bay Baptist, this summer. It was a great encouragement to be able to serve along side of our friends and church family!

Arrowhead underwent some changes this summer as well. Kevin and Marcia Strout have been the acting managers of Arrowhead Native Bible Center for 4 years. During camp, Kevin communicated to Len and I that He and Marcia had been feeling called into another area of ministry for some time. This calling led them to step down from leadership at arrowhead midway through the camping season. The executive approached Liz and I and asked if we would pray about stepping up to fill this position. We have done that and have accepted the role of managers of Arrowhead Native Bible Center. It is sad to see the Strout's move on, but we are sure the Lord will use them in whatever ministry they move into.

The remaining weeks of camp were challenging, but the Lord provided in wonderful ways. We saw the Lord move in the lives of both campers and staff, and we have been so very thankful for His sovereignty in all things.

Over the course of the summer I posted very short little video clips of happenings during camp. Below are a couple of examples of "Camp Moments"... to see them all, you can find them posted on Arrowhead's Facebook Page.

Gary Countway Brought the Gospel everyday during our third week of camp!

♫♪ I'm Singin' in the Rain ♪♫

The Amazing Race challenges were a fun part of Teen Camps!

Here are a few photos from the summer for you to enjoy - if you would like to see more, you can view the entire album on Facebook.

Lizs' Amazing Race Team "Team Xtreme" proudly displaying their cake!

How clean ARE those tables after lunch?

We're #1

It was a real blessing to have Stephen Somers and his family with us for the last week of camp!

There were lots of rainy days this summer... a great time for some board games!

Ben Lawson and his children spent several weeks with us this summer... they were all a huge help and great encouragement!

Week four staff picture!

Another thing rainy days are good for! MUD!

Thumbs up!

Dale Gamage & Bob Morissette came from Maine and ran a martial arts program for our first week of teen camp. As always it was a huge success!

Gotta love that beach!

A lazy afternoon paddle.

Mimacry is the highest form of flattery...

Ben Bedecki facilitated a fishing activity during our first week of chilren's camp. The kids loved it.

We had some learning to do with the new boat - but it worked great once we did.

And, never to be forgotten, the very important dish crew!

Now that camp is over Liz and I have been resting up, we have felt quite worn out after camp but are now feeling quite ready to get back to work. We will be preparing this week to go out to Pinawa Manitoba for the NCEM general conference. This conference is something that happens every two years and all NCEM missionaries are expected to attend. It will give us an opportunity to go over some mission business as well as have some wonderful fellowship with fellow missionaries from across the country - many of whom we would otherwise not have opportunity to meet.

Our fall schedule is posted to the right of this page, as we continue to travel to complete our deputation and do PR work for Arrowhead. We'd love to see you if we're going to be in your area (or if you're going to be in ours... do drop in!)

We thank you for your continued prayers and support, we will keep you updated as we begin to settle into our new roles here at Arrowhead.