Monday, October 26, 2009

Missions Conference.

We have been having a wonderful time at the missions conference here at the Lisbon Falls Baptist Church, in Maine. It is such a huge encouragement to be able to meet and visit with missionaries from across the globe and fellowship with friends. I helped Kevin out a bit with Junior Church yesterday, it was a great time to spend with some of the younger folks. Tonight Kevin is speaking and tomorrow I will be presenting Arrowhead. On Wednesday morning, Kevin and I will be speaking for the chapel service at the Christian School.

We'll try to have some pics to post after the conference, we don't have easy access to internet so it may be another couple of days before we post again. Please keep us in prayer as we travel and speak during this week.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bible Clubs, Passports and Boxes

A huge answer to prayer! I received my elusive birth certificate in the mail today, and immediately jetted off to Fredericton to apply for my passport. It will be ready for me to pick up on Friday morning at 10 am on our way to the border. Praise the Lord! We won't need to miss any of the missions conference. We're very much looking forward to reconnecting with some new friends and old!

This has been a full week for sure! Monday evening we took advantage of the opportunity to go to Oromocto to share in the ministry of Carroll and Cathy Hill at a Bible Club. It was really nice to see some of the kids from camp and spend some time with them. We will enjoy periodically going to Oromocto, as time permits, to help the Hills out with the club there.

On Tuesday we traveled to the elementary school in St. Mary's to assist Venus Coté with the Bible club she runs there. It was exciting to be able to be a part of that ministry for the evening as well.

We're still doing battle with the boxes, but now that we have a shed in the yard it has improved our box situation immensely. We'll get back at the unpacking when we return home!

Tonight Deanna had a planning meeting for the upcoming discipleship retreat. She has planned a weekend retreat in November for some campers who made professions of faith this summer. It is an opportunity for some discipleship and follow-up. We will be assisting her however we can, this event is a part of her internship requirements.

Tomorrow we will be preparing to travel early on Friday morning. We were able to find a kennel locally here in Chipman for the dog, and with the paperwork all under control, we're all ready to go but for the packing. Stay tuned for updates from the missions conference, we received our itinerary in the mail today and it looks like it's going to be an exciting few days!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ladies Retreat.

What was the best part of the ladies retreat at Camp Arrowhead...could it be the sounds of laughter being echoed across the camp, or maybe it was the outstanding food that we consumed. Could it have been the fun games we played together as a group, or perhaps it was the pampering that we got from the Mary Kay lady. I bet it was the hilarious 'fashion' show that we had Saturday night, oh no wait, it was the karaoke and hearing Gracie and Cathy's duet of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Or maybe it was the scavenger hunt we had Saturday on a beautiful fall afternoon. While all these things were great and a huge part of our weekend, I would imagine that every lady that was there would say that the best part of the weekend was the gathering of ladies wanting to learn more about God and praise HIm for all that He has done for us.

The theme for the weekend was 'Reflections of a Lovely Lady'. I myself have to admit to my failure and difficulty in obtaining the quality's of a lovely lady. However our special speaker, Beth McMahon, very eloquently and lovingly showed us from the Word of God how to become one and what attributes God looks for in a lovely lady. We looked at Proverbs 31 and Titus 2 as our reference.
We also enjoyed having Myrna Smith for the weekend as our special music. We were both blessed and encouraged through her ministry in song.

Venus Cote, Karen Fearn and Sue Bear each shared their testimonies over the weekend. It was amazing to hear each lady tell of how God worked and is working in each of their lives to bring them to Him and some from very unimaginably difficult situations. One thing that was so evident is how God can completely change a persons life. When we look at some people and how down and out and desperate they seem, sometimes we think, or at least I am guilty of thinking, there is no hope for them...they are beyond help, but that is so not true with our God. He and only He can change the life of the most down and out desperate person. In the end we are all sinners and deserve to go to hell, but thank God He loves each one of us equally and died for each one of us that we can have eternal life through Him, and have Hope!

So with out a doubt the best thing about the weekend was learning how to become the Reflection of a Lovely Lady, and to see and hear how God is changing and molding each one of us to be just that.

See you next year!

We were treated to special music Myrna Smith!

Mrs. Beth McMahon was our guest speaker for the weekend.

Some of the ladies enjoying pampering courtesy of Mary Kay.

Mr. & Mrs. Gray worked tirelessly in the kitchen.

Some of the gals relaxing.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Settling In!


It certainly is a lengthy process... settling in that is. The telephone issues seem to have been resolved... it's a long convoluted story that involved some errors on behalf of Aliant. Suffice it to say we can now call out and people can call in... so I suppose it's a success. I'll put all of our new contact info at the bottom of this post.

A truck cap was donated to the camp this past summer, it isn't exactly the correct matching cap, but it's a very close fit. Jonathan DeNuke kindly did some modification on it to make it fit a little better.

Thanks again big fella.

This past week took Liz and I to both Moncton and Fredericton. We had to go to Moncton to buy some much needed groceries and necessities after the move. We also had our passport photos taken. We are scheduled to be at a missions conference in Lisbon Falls Maine at the end of this month, so it is necessary for us to both have passports for the trip to the States. That is what took us to Fredericton, we paid a visit to the passport office. Liz was first to the window and everything went fine, her passport will be ready in time for our trip. I however ran into a couple of snags. I had been to Chipman to register the car, get an NB drivers license and insurance. Unfortunately the DMV transposed my name on my drivers license, so it was not accepted by Service Canada... I'll have to go back to Chipman tomorrow to get a new one. That, however, is not the big snag. I was born in Montreal in 1978, and apparently in 1994 they mandated that everyone born in the province prior to that year had to apply for a new birth certificate. To add gas to the fire, Quebec is the slowest province at granting copies of birth certificates. It will take six days to process my application. The cost for this accelerated service is significant as well. So, it's in the Lord's hands whether or not I receive a passport in time to travel to Maine. I will be exceptionally disappointed if we cannot go. I am looking forward to seeing many new friends who were at Arrowhead this summer for a missions trip.

Besides all of the running around for red tape etc. we've been busy with making the mobile livable. Kevin has done so much for us - I really don't know what we would have done without him! The most urgent issue with our new abode was the well, the pipes had frozen last winter and new lines needed to be put in. Kevin had that work done prior to our arrival, and he and I have been working on burying the lines this week. We are expecting a backhoe to come this week and put the issue to rest!

If we look bewildered... it's probably an accurate impression.

Another hurdle Liz and I had to overcome was storage. In Windsor, we had quite a large attic for storage, although we have a ot of space here, the storage is minimal. The Lord provided though, I bought a finished building from a fellow just up the road from here - and the price couldn't be beat. It's a 12' x 14' shed, vinyl siding, shingle roof, fully insulated and gyproched, and for only $800. It should be delivered this week sometime. Once that arrives we should make some better headway on settling in!

This morning Liz and I went with Kevin and James to the high school in Chipman. Today was a special day at the school focusing on alcohol abuse, Kevin, Liz and I went as monitors for the discussion groups. James had the opportunity to share his testimony. There were 3 pastors from the community there as well. It was a great opportunity for us to show some support for the kids, we have several kids at the school who work as staff at Arrowhead throughout the year.

This week Liz has been doing some cleaning over at Arrowhead in preparation for the Ladies retreat this coming weekend. She and Marcia are making a trip to town for supplies and groceries tomorrow. I will be working in the dish pit.

Our new contact info:
619 Cox Point Road
Cumberland Bay, NB
E4A 2N9



Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Telephone Woes

Well. We returned home on Saturday night, Liz and Marcia had returned from Nova Scotia earlier in the day. We spent the day Sunday recovering from our travels and got busy with unpacking on Monday.

Sunday afternoon we discovered that the phone was no longer working. We had noticed a buzzing on the line before we left last week, so a service call was already booked for yesterday. I waited all day for a tech, she arrived at abut 3:30. To shorten a long and painful story, we've been on the phone (cell) with Aliant numerous times and still have no phone service (and no more cell minutes). I am waiting around again today for a technician to return. If there was another option for service I'd switch providers.

Marcia and Liz have gone to Moncton today to get supplies for the upcoming ladies retreat. It is a busy week and there is quite a lot to do along with unpacking.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Natural Gas Leaks

Yesterday while Kevin and I were doing dishes Carl Epp and Jonathan Yeo did a little investigating of a strong smell near the Natural Gas junction at KBI. Upon closer inspection and the judicious use of some soapy water it was discovered that there are some significant leaks in the natural gas lines here at KBI.

Please keep this issue in prayer as it is a safety concern and will most certainly need immediate attention, it will however most likely be very costly.

The bubbles you see are generated by the Natural Gas leak reacting with the soapy water.

This is a significant leak.

Let's hope this truck doesn't backfire!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

meetings and things.

Today we've continued to enjoy the teaching of Mark Zook in the Chronological Bible Teaching Method. There is a lot of information, and the seminars have been very insightful.

This morning we enjoyed a skit by the KBI students, illustrating the concepts and ideas we've been studying all week. For those of you who are unfamiliar – KBI (Key-Way Tin Bible Institute) is the Bible School run by NCEM in Lac La Biche, Alberta.

Kevin and I were on dishes today at lunchtime... everyone has pitched in on dish duty throughout the week...

Tonight, Kevin and I, with the help of Blaine Witherow will be filming some interviews for an upcoming Arrowhead movie presentation. We are hoping to put together a short film documenting the early days of Arrowhead and it's history through the years - as well as vision for the future.

Kevin and Conrad chatting during breaktime.

Eric and Michelle sneak a late breakfast.

KBI students presenting a skit about Chronological Bible Teaching.

They did a great job of illustrating the things we've been learning this week.