Tuesday, May 21, 2013

keeping us clean

This past Sunday, Liz and I had the pleasure to be with the folks at Parkside Baptist Church in Moncton, NB. The Lois Winters Missionary Group spearheaded the collection of cleaning supplies for Arrowhead's summer camps! What a tremendous blessing to have our van filled with these items as we left! Thank you so much for your kind and faithful gifts.

This week we have begun to build our summer programs. We are making some exciting changes to our summer camp programs and are looking forward to see how the Lord will use these them. Please continue to pray as this is a very busy time of year for us. The Lord always provides in amazing ways that leave us in awe of His Sovereign Grace!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

a faithful ministry team

Last night we had the privilege of being at the monthly meeting of the Jacksontown Baptist Church, Women's Missionary Society. We shared an update of the ministries here at Arrowhead and enjoyed some wonderful fellowship with our friends the VanAsperens and the W.M.S. ladies.
These kind ladies collected breakfast grocery items for our summer camps! Such a wonderful way to share with us in ministry.

Friday, May 10, 2013

mawio'mi: the gathering 2013

This was our 3rd annual men's retreat at Arrowhead, and it was an immense blessing. The fellowship and preaching of the Gospel was both an encouragement and challenge. Church planter and pastor, Dave Storey from Doaktown, NB, opened God's Word with us in several sessions over the course of the weekend. We were challenged to strive for the Holiness that God demands, and we were challenged to examine ourselves and know if we are in the Faith. The Gospel was clear and practical and a true blessing.

As is always the case, we had a blast playing our man-games as well. This year's theme was a Lumberjack Chili Cook-off, and it was a lot of fun - I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

We played numerous lumberjack games, the Caber Toss was one such competition.

The onlookers!

Pastor Dave Storey bringing a challenge from God's Word.

Some of the men in the field of battle.

Carroll Hill showed us how it's to be done... in many of the competitions! he was a tough competitor.

And of course, the chili cook-off. We broke into teams and assembled our masterpieces!

Spring Work Week 2013

It was a fantastic week and MUCH was accomplished. We were joined by groups from Cumberland Bay Baptist and Little Southwest Baptist on Saturday bringing our numbers to 52 strong! What a blessing and encouragement to serve alongside all of these folks.

A happy group of people who joined us in ministry during our 2013 Spring Work Week.

There were a lot of projects underway, but our most dramatic change was in the tuck shop renovation by our team from Peterborough Free Methodist Church. Check out these before and after pictures.

There was also dramatic progress in the speakers cabin. We were held back by the discovery of squirrel nests (and a couple of hornets nests) in the walls... but, thanks to the team from Victory Baptist, we now have a healthy building to move ahead with.