Sunday, May 7, 2017

Spring Work Teams

As always we've been immensely blessed by work team volunteers who came to ANBC and gave of themselves in their talents to accomplish much for the sake of the ministry here. I'll let the pictures tell the story.

The soffit, fascia and window trim was all completed on the office building, and a new large window was installed for the radio studio. 

Over the years we have really come to love this group of people like family. Many of them come year after year to serve the Lord alongside us at Arrowhead.  

What a talented group of folks from Gorrie Bible Fellowship in Ontario. They designed, raised funds for and built this cabin for our sporting goods and waterfront supplies. 

It's always a blessing to have this family join us. Hard working, Gospel loving family who just want to serve Jesus.

We have a new sign at the road, thankfully Rob and Dave were able to adjust for whoever the lug was who didn't measure before he ordered the new signs...  

It was great to have the DeNuke family with us for a day this year - here are some of them - happy dish helpers! 

It's not the same if mom's not here. She get the mailing all ready for the Quiver - you can expect it sometime in the next couple of weeks in your mailbox.  

Matthew and Lester are from Gorrie, they had to sneak away a little bit before the rest of their team so they missed the group photo! Thanks for coming guys. 

Darren Goodfellow at River Signs in Miramichi  put some groovy decals on the camp truck for us! We have our very own HotWheels.

These ladies stained and painted and freshened up all over the place this time. Here they stained the sign by the front gate. It looks fantastic! 

One of the major projects for the Peterborough crew was this amazing new lighting in our dining room! It looks great gang! 

We were joined by a small contingent from Lisbon Falls Baptist Church this Spring as well; Paul Marstaller and his son in law Rick Pierce joined us. Here they are putting up one of the brand new signs we have on our property.  

The guys from Gorrie cut down over 100 dead or dying trees on our property. The chainsaws were buzzing the entire time they were here - tireless guys! 

Jeff did a lot of body work on our truck to help us keep it from rusting. It's looking pretty great now!!

Jamie, Jonathan, Jason and Joshua all worked on a number of welding projects; the biggest project was to make new gates for our new property. They also retrofit our box rack for our new truck and added some hooks to our camp out wagon.