Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Some Book Learnin'

This week I am in Prince Albert for some training. For my time here, the focus of training is in relation to finances. Roan Elford, NCEM's CFO, has graciously dedicated a few days this week to teach me how to properly manage the bookkeeping for Arrowhead. After I have done this training, I will be assuming the responsibilities of finance and bookkeeping for Arrowhead. I am looking forward to undertaking this challenge. There are a lot of various books within NCEM and Roan has spent a lot of time making sure they are all done correctly and that they will all work together properly.

I am very much enjoying my time at headquarters. It's always nice to spend time with these folks, they're a great bunch out here.

Lizzie took the opportunity, while I'm away, to spend some time with her brother and sister-in-law. They are visiting in Maine for a few days. It'll be nice to be together again on Friday!

Roan and I in his office.

Dennis Siemens manages the print shop, he'll be printing our new prayer cards so I can take them home with me on Thursday.

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