Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas is coming...

It was a beautiful chilly day today at Arrowhead. We have lots of snow to cover the ground and make the tree boughs hang. This afternoon we met the Strouts in the main lodge and decorated our lovely 9 foot Christmas tree together. It was a nice day for a little festive music and decorating. Our house is starting to get into the season too.

Yesterday, I took the N.B.B.I. guys up to the highway to meet their ride back to the school. We enjoyed having them with us for a few days. There were many board games played and lots of good discussion. I'm sure they're keeping the school on it's toes.

Liz and I will be meeting our field directors at the airport tomorrow night at 11:30, they will be with us at Arrowhead until next week. On Friday we will welcome all of the Eastern field missionaries at Arrowhead. We will be having some meetings and a bit of a Christmas get together. Please keep the missionaries in prayer as they travel.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

some lovely vacation...

You haven't heard from us in a little over a week. Well, we have a good excuse. Some very kind friends of ours in the States offered us the use of their condo in New Hampshire for a week. It has been a great long time since Liz and I have had any time to ourselves for vacation, so this was a very welcome rest after a busy couple of years. It was a great week and we very much enjoyed the time to relax.

Today Carroll and Cathy Hill stopped in on their way to the Miramichi and we shared in prayer with them for the ministries here in the East. It was nice to catch up with them.

This week we're settling back into routine. And as we do, we'll be having several N.B.B.I. students staying with us for their Thanksgiving break. It will be fun to spend a few days with some of our staff from last summer... it's either gonna make us feel like teenagers... or old folks.

Next week we're looking forward to having our field directors with us for several days. It's always an encouragement to have Len & Lorrayne with us, and we'll be having our Eastern Field Christmas gathering as well, so it promises to be a great week!

Friday, November 12, 2010

an opportunity to serve...

In this weeks vLog entry I wanted to share another project we hope to accomplish in 2011. If you have a team that would like to help out with the project in the video, please feel free to contact us for details!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

ANBC Summer Video: 2010

We had a fantastic Summer. Why not join us next year?!


On Tuesday Liz and I struck out for Woodstock to meet with a Women's Mission Society from Jacksontown Baptist Church. They have shown a great interest in the Ministry of Arrowhead and had asked us to come and share a little bit with the group about Arrowhead and what is happening here. We enjoyed very much a lovely meal with our hostess and fellowship with the ladies. There were eight ladies at the meeting and let me just say, what a mighty group of mission minded women. The things they accomplish for the Lord in their community and around the world is fantastic and was humbling to share in. Liz and I were both very encouraged and blessed, not only by their enthusiasm, but their hearts for mission and love of the Lord were such an encouragement.

We enjoyed the opportunity to talk about ANBC at length and share with them. The meeting, including fellowship was 3 hours long and we were on our way home at about 10:30pm. We had taken with us the camp truck, which unfortunately was having a hard night and it decided to share that with Liz and I. We had just about reached Fredericton and the truck overheated. I had fortunately stashed a jug of rad fluid behind the seat so we sat and waited for the truck to cool so I could add the rad fluid. As we waited a good Samaritan from Quebec stopped. He had driven past and was quite a distance up the highway, but stopped and backed up all the way to where we were to see if we needed assistance. He helped me add the rad fluid and followed us to the Irving Big Stop near Oromocto. I put in a couple of jugs of water and we got home fine. The truck is now at the shop and in need of a new radiator.

To spite our little truck adventure, Liz and I had a wonderful evening.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

friends & fellowship

It was a wonderful weekend. I had the opportunity to travel to Nova Scotia to share Arrowhead updates with folks in Windsor and Halifax. Unfortunately Liz was feeling quite under the weather and wasn't able to accompany me. She very much missed reconnecting with friends.

I traveled on Saturday morning to Windsor, and enjoyed an afternoon with friends there. Windsor Baptist church planned a pot luck and allowed me a generous opportunity to share and have some question and answers about Arrowhead and the ministry this past year. It was a truly wonderful opportunity to be with friends and fellow believers there. Sunday morning I was given then opportunity to share the children's story and take part in Scripture reading. I was really very blessed to be able to worship at our home church in Windsor.

Sunday afternoon I spent visiting with friends and then made my way in to Halifax for the evening service at Sheffield Baptist Church. While I was there, I was presented with Canadian Tire money and pennies for Arrowhead. Once again it was a real blessing to me to be able to worship and fellowship with friends. I found the weekend to be a wonderful encouragement and time of refreshing for me.

This afternoon we're heading to Woodstock to share about the ministry at Arrowhead with a WMS group at Jacksontown Baptist Church.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

odd jobs...

We've been having some inquiries about possible projects for work teams this coming Spring. I thought perhaps the best way to share some of our needs in this area would be to post them in vLog updates. This vLog update is about a large project we have in the upper main lodge.

Crack filling, sanding, painting, trim work and flooring.

The stairwell.

Trim for the windows and doors.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

bobbing for apples.

As we wind down from the past months excitement and hunker down for winter, Liz and I continue to travel and share about this ministry the Lord has called us to. We very much enjoy spending time with friends as we continue our deputation and are encouraged by their enthusiasm for the ministry.

This past Sunday we had the pleasure of sharing with the folks at River Glade Baptist church. Their excitement for Arrowhead has been a tremendous blessing to us over the past year. After we shared with them last Winter, they set about raising funds for ANBC by collecting pennies and recyclables. This past Sunday we were presented with a cheque for $500 for the camp. The amount of time and work that went into collecting those funds was tremendous, a ministry of love to be sure. At the outset of this labour of love, Pastor Smith made a promise that he'd submit to a camp style activity if they reached their goal. So, after the service he and I bobbed for apples in buckets of Jello and water... good fun!!

It's begun to get chilly 'round these parts, winter is coming! We've finally succumbed to turning on the heat for good. I spent the day yesterday cleaning up in the new office. I'm eager to have it all done, so it was nice to put things together a bit yesterday. I do need to find another lateral filing cabinet and about 200 legal hang files to continue the filing project I've been working on. We're in need of flooring for the office as well, which will certainly bring it to life. As the office is currently unheated we are hopeful to acquire an electric fireplace as a heat source to make it a more comfortable workspace. It can get a bit chilly in there 'cooking the books'.

This coming weekend we are off to Windsor and Halifax in Nova Scotia to visit some churches and share updates form the past months! It will be nice to see friends and reconnect.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Operation Park Bench

I just wanted to take the opportunity to share a need we have at Arrowhead Native Bible Center. We are working to bring alive the property and grounds at Arrowhead. We have a beautiful facility and wish to be good stewards of the property and buildings. As we develop new programs and have higher volumes of people and events at Arrowhead we will have greater need for sustainable and durable equipment.

One such need that we've identified at the property is with our outdoor seating. We currently have eight wooden church pews throughout the property that are being used as park benches. It is our desire to replace these eight seats with ten park benches. These park benches feature concrete legs and pressure treated 2 x 4 cross pieces. We are expecting each bench to cost approximately $350 for materials and shipping, they will be assembled on site.

We are seeking ten church groups to partner with us for Operation Park Bench. If you feel this is a project that your Church family, Sunday School or Missions Committee would like to share with us by adopting a park bench to sponsor please drop me a line. We hope to acquire the benches in time to have them for next summers children's camps.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support for Arrowhead as we seek to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to Eastern Canada's First Nations People.