Friday, June 19, 2009

Focus on the Family

We want to take the opportunity here to say a HUGE thank you to Focus On The Family. I recently took the opportunity to drop an eMail to Focus on the Family and shared a little bit with them about just what our ministry at Arrowhead is all about. I expressed to them that we have a small library at the camp and are quite seriously in need of some new materials. I received an eMail back within just a couple of days and a lady in charge of their ministry program was very gracious and happy to send us materials. She even asked if she could send us Clubhouse Magazines for the campers; Clubhouse is a children's magazine produced by Focus on the Family for children ages 7 - 12 and we received 120 copies for this summers ministry.

Well the boxes arrived at the Strouts home in just a few days, and what a huge blessing these materials are going to be to the ministry at Arrowhead. Marcia snapped a pic of some of the materials that arrived, she said there is quite a lot of material and the picture doesn't do it justice!

So thank you Focus on the Family for sharing with us in the ministry at Arrowhead by the gift of these wonderful materials! We will endeavor to be the best stewards possible of these materials and see that they are used as the tools of ministry they are intended for.

Focus on the Family sent DVD's, CD's, books, magazines and brochures for children as well as adults!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Cumberland Bay Baptist Church

We and the Strouts had the opportunity to share in Camp Sunday at Cumberland bay Baptist Church yesterday. Kevin shared during Sunday School with the childrens' class, he gave a camp update and showed the Arrowhead DVD during the service. I had the opportunity to introduce myself and Liz and share a little bit about who we are and what we'll be doing at the camp.

Pastor Mitchel presented us with over $64 in Canadian Tire money for Arrowhead (A wonderful gift for the camp!), this brings the current total of all Canadian Tire received to date up to $607.75. We are now more than $100 over our goal, what a huge blessing. Kevin has begun to diligently watch the flyer for a sale so we can take the best advantage of this gift as possible. We were given some especially old Canadian Tire money at one point this Spring and I was able to turn 24 bills ($3 worth) into about $35 on eBay - which brings the total up to $642.75

Pastor Mitch presenting Elizabeth and Marcia with the gift of Canadian Tire money.

I've known Pastor Mitch for a lot of years, it'll be nice to live in the same community as he and his family. In Sunday school he told the kids the story about the posessed man living among the graves, how Jesus freed him and sent him off to be a missionary. With a big grin he looked up at Kevin and I and said 'you see, God can make even crazy people missionaries' ...haha... we promise we're not crazy...ish.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Devon Park Baptist: Breakfast Cereal Drive

A Huge thank you to Devon Park Baptist Church for their gift of cereal for Arrowhead. Kevin and I had the opportunity to receive the donation from the church this week. It is projects like this that make it possible for us to operate the ministry of summer camp at Arrowhead.

We promise not to eat it all.

Rising Above.

Finishing this evening in Fredericton, New Brunswick, The 17th Annual Rising Above Conference was a wonderful opportunity for First Nations people to come together for fellowship and emotional healing. The conference offered testimonies from many Christian First Nations people as well as opportunity for counseling and prayer. People came from as far away as British Columbia to share in the conference.

Howard Jolly gave his testimony and sang for us.

The Rising Above Band (sorry it's so dark... my little camera tries hard, but sometimes it just can't do what it wants to)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Windsor Baptist Church

This morning I picked up the Grocery Grabber donations from Windsor Baptist Church. Liz and I have been very blessed by all of the support from our home church and it is such an encouragement to see everyone joining in and sharing in the ministry. All of these grocery donations to Arrowhead help to relieve a huge burden for the summer camps, every item contributed is one less item that has to be purchased later on. So, another HUGE thank you to everyone who helped out with this project.

Natalie Kendrick at Windsor Baptist with all the groceries!

We had a great response to the Devotional Project as well. Snap Shots is a youth devotional book that is published quarterly. It is our hope to be able to send these devotionals to the campers along with camp updates throughout the year - maintaining contact and building stronger relationships. Our staff counselors will begin the devotionals with the kids during camp and show them how to use them. Then the children will each be given a copy to take home. With all of your support we raised more than enough money to begin this project. The Lord is certainly blessing His work through your gifts!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Centennial Pools: Halifax

A huge thank you to Centennial Pools, downtown Halifax. They have graciously donated flutter boards, swimming belts and a handful of pool noodles to Arrowhead. I buzzed into the city this morning to retrieve the donation.

As always the trip wasn't without misadventure. I very narrowly missed ending a good sized deer on the highway. A beautiful, bright, sunny morning and she just decided to go for it. She crossed the opposing lanes and the median and jumped across in front of me. It was a blessing that I saw her in time.

But all is well, and I'm off to the Church to collect their gifts for the Grocery Grabber program.

Have a great day!

Centennial Pool, Halifax

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Men's Breakfast

We had a great day yesterday at Arrowhead. A vanload of us from here in Nova Scotia traveled up on Friday night along with another carload of fellas. We all spent the night in the lodge and had a great chance to visit and just relax.

Saturday morning, Deana Bleakney, Venus Coté and Roger Hill prepared a wonderful breakfast for us. We got to road test Arrowheads new food warmer that was recently donated. There were nearly fifty men at the breakfast from all over. It was great to catch up with friends and meet some new fellas who are interested in the ministry at Arrowhead. We were blessed by a heartfelt and compelling message brought by Pastor Tim MacDonald. I think I can safely say that the fellowship was a huge blessing to all of us.

After the breakfast several of us hung around and did some Spring chores around the property. Jonathan graciously tuned up our lawn mowers and did quite a lot of work on Venus' car. Several guys pulled the canoes and paddle boats out of storage and put in the floating docks and raft. It was a beautiful day and it felt great to be at Arrowhead sharing in some of the work.

The trip home was great, as road trips with the guys always are.

Kevin kept us all organized as we gathered at the feeding buffet line.

Deanna & Venus worked hard to bring us a great breakfast feed.

pastor Tim MacDonald shared a few thoughts about the ministry of Christ at the 'lakeside'

A couple of fellas 'portaging' one of the canoes to the lake.

Jonathan spent the afternoon in the shop sharing his skills as a mechanic with Arrowhead and keeping Venus on the road.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why Not Just Give The Gospel?

This is a great article that I read on the New Tribes Mission website. It talks about the chronological Bible teaching method and the importance of discipleship. I'd encourage you to take the opportunity to read it. You can read the article by clicking HERE.

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shediac Baptist Church: WMS

It's just been a fabulous long weekend all around! Today Liz and I traveled to Shediac, New Brunswick to share with a Women's Mission Society. It was such an encouragement to have a large crowd out to support us and learn about what it is we will be doing with NCEM at Arrowhead.

Elizabeth and I each briefly shared our testimonies and I had the opportunity to share a brief devotional and give some details about the work that we will be doing! The ladies and gentlemen that were there were keenly interested in knowing about the ministry and we were more than happy to answer their questions. It's often dangerous to open the floor to questions as it is often met with chirping crickets. But the folks in Shediac had some wonderful questions for us. It was a delight for us to be there! And not only that, but they were ready for us, they presented us with over $30 in Canadian Tire money for Arrowhead, and my mom, Edie Fawcett, spearheaded a project to collect pennies for our devotional project. Several ladies collected pennies and toonies and presented us with $181 for that program.

It is a huge encouragement to us to be able to share our excitement with people who are equally as excited about what we will be doing.

Chatting with my good friend Pastor Winston Parks after our presentation.

As with most Baptist gatherings, there was a healthy dose of fellowship, cake, tea and coffee... always a great way to meet people!

Our little display table.