Wednesday, June 29, 2016

NCEM Eastern / North-Eastern Field Conference

This year the NCEM Easter Field Conference was held in late June at Green Hill Lake Bible Camp. The timing of the conference was very difficult for us as we prepared for our summer camps, and although it was difficult for us to have our minds in the meetings - there were some fantastic discussions about cross-cultural communication; and as always we enjoyed the fellowship with our fellow labourers.

We had several round table discussions during the conference. 

 Special thanks to our friend Vera Blake for taking these pictures of us and our girls.

The girls enjoyed hanging out with some of the other MK's.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Cookie Day

It was a huge blessing to have all of these folks join us for the day. The ladies worked diligently in the kitchen to make over 140 dozen cookies for our summer camps; while the guys and kids busied themselves outside helping with brush and property prep for camp! We had a crew of men here the same day to install the brand new playground at ANBC as well! It was a huge day.

Edie, Alisha and Cathy cookie-ing... 

The new playground posts holding up Roger! 

These lads did a fantastic job of cleaning up brush and trees all over camp. 

Cathy & Janeice got an early start on the cookie baking! 

Carol was out first thing and had those ovens all warmed up and cooking bright and early. 

Our fabulous group of hard working kiddos... and Josh!  

Lots of playground parts... and a big thick instruction book... that we followed... honest. 

Lots of gravel to move around!! 

The lads.  

The ladies had the kitchen hopping as they baked cookies for all of our summer camp ministries! 

Friday, June 17, 2016

Runnin' Rounds

This time of year always brings a lot of travel and a very full schedule. On Wednesday I made my way up to Florencevilve, NB to collect the kind donation of french fries and cakes from McCain's food. Their kindness is a huge blessing to the ministry here at Arrowhead and goes a long way to helping us keep the cost of camp below $200 per camper!

While up in the potato belt I stopped by Covered Bridge Chips and picked up our chips for tuck for the summer! It;s always amazing how these errand days get away from me so quickly, but I was able to make a number of other stops as well for necessary camp supplies.

The Arrowhead minivan parked in the loading dock at the McCain's plant in Florenceville, NB!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Lisbon Falls Baptist Church

It was great to spend the weekend in Lisbon Falls, Maine at Lisbon Falls Baptist Church. I met with the volunteer team on Friday evening and then again on Saturday morning. It is always exciting to meet with our incoming teams and share their enthusiasm. I always feel like I'm at home in Lisbon Falls and it was great to be able to visit with so many friends on this trip. In addition to our volunteer orientation sessions, it was a privilege to open the Word with everyone on Sunday evening.

Chatting with the Matt and John in the parking lot, Pastor Alden will be bringing the group up to Arrowhead  for our second junior camp! I love these guys.

Small group discussion during our volunteer orientation sessions. 

It was so encouraging to enjoy some fellowship with these dear brothers. Their love for the Lord and enthusiasm for the Gospel is contagious.

Enjoyed some fellowship with Matt McGuire and Mrs. Michel after church service Sunday evening.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Camp Truck Woes & Bros

This Spring when I went to start the camp truck... something happened. Something bad. The engine died, I had it towed to the shop, because at first it seemed just that I couldn't start it. But the final diagnosis was the need for a new engine. After some investigating and contemplating it seemed that the best course of action would be to install a new engine. Liz' brother, Jonathan DeNuke, came and did the job for us. The truck now has it's new engine and is being fine tuned at our local garage.

It was a huge blessing to have these guys come and work along side us for 4 days!

 Our ol' truck taking it's first journey to the shop.

The arrival of the "new to us" engine for the truck.

No small job, taking out the old engine and putting in the new one. 

Small moves are not the easy with the ol' Massey, but Jonathan and Carl managed to get the new engine into place.

Carl DeNuke and his grandsons came to Arrowhead with Jonathan and finished up a number of important projects!

The guys with the completed tomahawk throwing enclosure!