Monday, December 17, 2012

For Aliyah

Please continue to pray for Aliyah Somers. She continues to battle Leukemia and struggle with the effects of Chemo and the various medications that she must take to help her in her fight. Pray for her family, for strength and peace, for wisdom and for energy as they try to comfort her and deal with all of the challenges of travel in the winter.

Aliyah's Bald Buddies, Peter Branscombe, Andrew Ardern, Rob McCready and myself have exceeded our goal of raising $1500 for the family, and shaved our heads to show our support for Aliyah! But they still need our prayers and any financial support that we can give. If you would like to help them out financially, get in touch with us and we can tell you how you can do that.

We had a fun evening shaving our heads, here are a few pictures as evidence that we fullfilled our commitment... (you can see the whole album pf photos by clicking HERE)

The prerequisite "before" pictures.

The ladies had fun sculpting our hair... perhaps too much fun.

 And of course... with the shave!

Our support team!

Aliyah's Bald Buddies.