Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Big Move.

Well, it's done.

All of our possessions are now resting safely at our new residence in Cumberland Bay, New Brunswick. Kevin arrived on Thursday afternoon and the two of us went to Dartmouth to retrieve the moving trailer that I had rented. We brought it back to the house and packed it full. After we'd fully loaded the trailer we noticed that it seemed to be riding very low at the hitch. We had used the incorrect type of receiver for the trailer. Fortunately, Lizs' brothers are very resourceful and brought along the tools and a correct hitch to get us mobile without unloading the trailer.

Kevin drove, pulling the U-Haul behind one truck.

Pete pulled the larger trailer behind his truck.

Before Kevin arrived I loaded up our car with a lot of glass and breakables.
So on Friday morning when Peter arrived with another pick-up and trailer we had already packed a great deal of things. We packed everything else (most everything at least) into Peter's trailer and put our 'shed items' (lawn mower, wheelbarrow etc) in the back of Pete's pick-up.
Jonathan and Dianne arrived just as we were finishing up and we loaded the plants, television and some new laminate flooring for our living room in their van.

The little car that could.

forgot to snag a picture of Jon & Dianne with their load... so this is a shot of them following the convoy to Cumberland Bay.

We hit the road at about 11am Friday morning, Peter led the convoy, Kevin following Pete and I was behind Kev, Jonathan and Dianne closed out the group. We each had radios (my call sign was Rubber Duck) and were able to keep in contact through the traffic. We did find that we used the same channel as some flagmen at a construction site which was kinda fun...

The parking lot that was once our front yard.

Convoy! (That's Pete in the front and Kev just ahead of me.)

I had a bit of a transmission leak up around Wentworth, but nothing too serious, it prompted my engine light to come on, but it's nothing I wasn't already aware of. We took a short break and headed back out. The journey was fairly smooth and there were no real problems... until Salisbury that is. Just as we pulled into the Silver Fox rest area I found that my brakes were not working adequately. After pulling around to a parking spot, my break light came on and I lost the vast majority of my stoppage. Jonathan had a look and it turned out that I had a hole in my brake line. So we topped it up and headed back out on the road. I lost breaks again fifteen minutes later, but was able to make passable use of my emergency fo the remainder of the journey. Saturday morning after we had unloaded, Jonathan repaired my brakes! Thanks big fella!

This seems to be a common position for our car.

Pretty lights.

We arrived at 619 Cox Point Road at about 5:30pm and got to unloading. We took some remaining furniture that had been in the trailer over to the camp before we unloaded everything. We stopped unloading before we were finished because we anted to lay the new laminate floor in the livingroom before we brought in the livingroom furniture. Kevin and Marcia very kindly fed us all at their house and then we returned to the trailer to start in on the floor. We worked on it until 2:00am and called it a night. Pete and I would up talking for 2 more hours about the condition of the Christian Church, and finally closed our eyes for a couple of hours.

I don't know what we'd do without Kevin!!

The new floor looks awesome.

On Saturday morning Peter and I finished up the flooring while Dianne and Jonathan went to Chipman to get the brakeline that I needed for the car. He had it one in just a few minutes, and we were back on the road to Nova Scotia by noon. There was a bit of confusion as to where I should deliver the U-Haul, but I ended up leaving it on Mapleton Road in Moncton.

I was back in Windsor in time to have a short nap and go to a going away party at Tracy and Adams place. It's certainly been a busy few days, but it promises to contine for quite some time.

This morning, our church friends said a lovely good-bye to us, and we enjoyed a meal out with friends. Tonight Liz and I are speaking at Sheffield Baptist Church in Halifax. Tomorrow we head to the valley to visit our lawyer regarding the sale of our home and we then return to finish cleaning up for the closing day. Wednesday we'll likely be on the road by noon-ish or early afternoon - whenever everything is finalized.

This Saturday Kevin and I fly out to Edmonton to travel to Lac La Biche for a week of meetings about Chronological Bible Teaching. We are looking forward to the meetings and the oppotunity to spend some time with sme of our colleagues. Liz will be going home to visit her parents whil I'm away, and when we return we'll have the overwhelming task of unpacking and settling in to the mobile home in Cumberland Bay.

I'll do my best to keep you posted about our progress with the transition and all of the goings on!

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