Monday, November 2, 2009

Lisbon Falls Baptist Church

We're home.

As you know we've been in Lisbon Falls, Maine to represent Arrowhead at a missions conference. We had a wonderful week, and had a lot of opportunity to share about the ministry happening here at ANBC.

For the duration of the conference, we were billeted out with some friends of ours in Lisbon Falls, Dan & Gwen Michel. It is neat how the Lord ties everything together. As a matter of fact, this was not the first time we have been in the church in Lisbon Falls. Liz and I were there three years ago to attend Peter & Elizabeth's wedding (Lizs' brother and the Michel's daughter). We've been growing closer with the Michel's ever since, so we felt very much at home for the week while we were visiting with them.

The church also provided for our meals for the week, individuals graciously took us into their homes at dinner times, between sessions. It was a great way to get to know some of the folk from the church.

The conference officially began on Sunday morning, Kevin was asked to take the Junior Church, I assisted him with that. He did a great job of illustrating for the kids the importance of having Christ in our lives.

On Sunday afternoon we were treated to a wonderful dinner at the home of Mrs. Sanborn. She is a wonderful lady with a real heart for missions, all summer long she holds yard sales to raise money to send to mission organizations that are really on her heart. And the Lord has really blessed her ministry, through donations of goods, she is never short of things to sell for Him.

Each session of the conference featured presentations by two missionaries, and a great time of fellowship afterwards. Neither the Strouts, nor ourselves were involved in the Sunday evening sessions.

On Monday we were invited by Larry & Melissa Strout (Kevins parents), missionaries in Argentina with Avant, to the family home in Paris Hill for a BBQ. We enjoyed very much the time to get to know them a bit more and spend a few hours with Kevin, Marica and their family.

On Monday evening Kevin shared about growing up as a missionary kid and how that impacts his ministry now at Arrowhead Native Bible Center. There were four missionaries slated for Monday evening, so his time was a bit short, but he made excellent use of the time he had and gave an excellent presentation.

Tuesday morning, Liz and I did a few necessary errands in Lewiston and Topsham. We had run short of prayer letters and prayer cards and were able to get a few more printed before the evening session. We enjoyed a wonderful meal and fellowship in the home of Brian and Peggy Ganong on Tuesday evening. We had wished the session were a bit later in the evening to give us a bit more time to visit.

Tuesday evening was our turn to share. We were given about half an hour to introduce ourselves, share a little bit about how we were called to this ministry, and just what is happening at Arrowhead and with NCEM. Lisbon Falls sent a team of 13 people to camp this past summer, as a result, many were already familiar with Arrowhead. Their excitement about the ministry and things happening at Arrowhead was a huge encouragement. It was exciting to be able to share with them a little more in depth, just what we are hoping the Lord will use us to accomplish here.

We very much appreciated the chance to share and fellowship with our friends, supporters, prayer warriors and co-laborers at the Lisbon Falls Baptist Church for their 48th annual missions conference.

On Wednesday morning, Kevin, Marica, Liz and I were able to share in Chapel at the A.C.E. Christian school at the church. It was quite a moving morning. We shared the camp promo, talked a little bit about the camp, Kevin once again shared some illustrations about the necessity of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. And at the request of the pastor we shared the 'Letter from Hell' video with the senior students. This video is a short clip that Kevin discovered, this past summer we used it in our staff training. It is a powerful video and very graphically illustrates the importance of verbally and practically sharing the gospel with those people in our lives who don't have it. The school principal gave opportunity for students to stay behind afterwards to talk to us. We had opportunity to minister to three students from the school who had questions and concerns about the gospel.

The missions conference concluded on Wednesday evening with quite possibly the largest pot luck dinner I've ever had the privilege of attending. We had a wonderful missions challenge from Larry Strout and several hours of fellowship. It was a wonderful conclusion to a full week!

We had good traveling, the Lord kept us safe on the roads and kept the Strout's van running. We traveled together with them, and used two-way FM radios to communicate.

Now that we are home, we're hoping to finish with the unpacking and are planning to assist Deanna (our intern student) with an event she has planned for this weekend, as a part of her course requirements. I'll certainly keep you posted on our progress.

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