Saturday, April 30, 2011

Work Week • Day 6

Today was the culmination of an amazing week at Arrowhead! It has been such a blessing and encouragement to be a part of the things happening here. The fellowship and co-labouring with such servant hearted people! We praise the Lord for everything that was accomplished.

The ministry team from Riverglade Baptist Church.

The ministry team from Cumberland Bay Baptist Church.

The ministry team from Little Southwest Baptist Church.

Six church teams represented by nearly fifty people... all at ANBC today to serve with us in practical ways.

Some of the men from Little Southwest assembled our brand new park benches!

It's so exciting to see everything happening and all of the vehicles in the yard.

The verse on the bulkhead is a beautiful addition to the dining room at ANBC.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Work Week • Day 5

Another huge day! We started at 8am with breakfast - it is now 11:30pm and there are still people working to complete their jobs! It's hard to get them to stop working!!

A few of the NCEM'ers!

Our rejuvenated dish pit.

The upper dormatory is looking pretty amazing!

...and our Park bench ends have arrived!

Work Week • Day 4

Yet another productive day of our work week 2011! Today the Newmarket team completed the new siding on the office - it looks amazing! I can't even begin to try to express how much of a blessing it is to have all of these people come and share with us in ministry! The amount of work accomplished by the Peterborough team in the past two days is staggering! Praise the Lord!

Whether on a mission team or dropping in to lend a hand, as everyone works together on completing the projects on the lists the fellowship has been fabulous.

The mission team from Peterborough Free Methodist Church.

Martin & Sue Bear arrived tonight, they have come to share with us in ministry for a couple of days!

Be cool & Have a Great Time!

With Liz, Lorrayne, Irene and Venus in the kitchen we've been spoiled with great meals and baking!

The amount of mud and sanding to be done was daunting to say the least, but the team has torn through it like pros!

Lots of paint! The upper dorm is going to look and feel like a whole new place!

Todd working on trimming out the windows upstairs!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Work Week • Day 3

Today, the rest of the team from Peterborough, Ontario arrived in the church van! They left Ontario yesterday at about 6pm and drove through the night, arriving at ANBC at noontime today. After a brief lunch they dove right into the work and made remarkable advances in the upper dormatory porject. They are completing the crack filling and will be painting and installing flooring! The ANBC property was hopping today!

Mervin has been fixing a hydraulic leak on the tractor, the Newmarket team has been busily finishing up the siding on the office and we painted the main lodge dining area! It certainly feels like Extreme Makeover: Arrowhead Edition!

Jim completed some fabulous doors for our games cupboard!

Myke, from peterborough is a professional videographer and has come along to help us with a promo video!

Jim working on building a storage area in the upper stairwells.

Rob has been our 'go to' guy for all of our many handyman projects.

Mike and Luke working on the sanding in the upper dormatory hallway!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Work Week • Day 2

Today it rained. But it didn't dampen our spirits! The work continued on the office building and lots of other projects were started and scratched off the to do list.

Len and Clare keeping on to spite the rain!

Carroll and Jim built new doors for the games cupboard in the lodge!

Rob, doing a fantastic job of staining one of the boys cabins!

Our good friend Ben came all the way from Akulevik, Quebec and stopped in to help us with some of our work projects!

Myke and Pastor Eyre arrived tonight from Peterborough, Ontario. The rest of their team will arrive tomorrow morning to join them in some ambitious work projects in the main lodge.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Work Week • Day 1

Today we got underway with the teams that have arrived already. The men from Newmarket began siding the office - it's starting to look amazing!

Rob and Irene VanAsperen arrived from Jacksontown Baptist Church. The ladies in the W.M.S. there collected grocery items for the camp as well as nearly $50 in Canadian Tire money! We are so thankful for the initiative of caring groups who share with us in ministry in this way. Rob and Irene will be with us until Friday helping with the many projects slated to be finished up this week!

Rob, Irene and Gus presenting us with Canadian Tire Money from Jacksontown Baptist Church

Liz, mom and Venus cleaned out all of the cabins today!

The office starting to take shape!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

the first team has arrived!

This Easter Sunday our big work week begins. This evening, our first team has arrived from Grace Church in Newmarket, Ontario. The fellas are settling into one of the cabins and we'll be having a stroll in the morning to inspect the work to be done. They will be doing most of their work on the office building, beginning with the siding! We're certainly excited to have them serving with us in this way. It's going to be a fun week to be sure!

Mervin, Clare and Jim from Grace Church in Newmarket, Ontario (Left to Right)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Gettin' Ready for a Big Week!

This past week Len and Lorrayne Breen arrived from Ontario to be with us for a few busy weeks. Liz and I have been enjoying having them work along side us as we prepare for the work teams that will be descending on Arrowhead this coming week! The first team arrives on Sunday evening. I'll introduce you to them as they arrive!

Len and I spent a couple of days finishing up with burning the brush from last fall. We're all ready to start a new pile of this years deadfall! Yesterday we went to Minto and picked up some countertop at the Eastland Kitchens factory. One of the work teams will be installing cabinets and countertop in the dishpit - this will help with space, organization and cleanliness! Today we spent in demolition mode as we took all of the old aluminum siding off of the office building. A team will install brand new vinyl siding beginning on Monday.

Liz and Lorrayne have been working hard at Spring cleaning the lodge and opening up the cabins. Our work teams will have to stay in the cabins for the week - one of the jobs to be done is flooring, paint and trim in the upper lodge dormatory which means no one can stay up there! There are lots of jobs to do, and there will be lots of willing hands here to do them. It's going to be an exciting week! Watch for updates!

Len getting a start on the siding.

Need stuff taken apart... we're your guys!

The bare office building awaiting it's fresh siding! (We didn't have a tall enough ladder to reach the gable ends, we're going to borrow one on Monday)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Little Southwest Baptist Church

Well my friends, I must apologize for my brief blog absence of late. It has been a busy time and I haven't allowed myself to take time to update all of you on what's been happening here at Arrowhead!

It has been year end, and as the book keeper for Arrowhead Native Bible Center I've had a few extra tasks for my part. I know that out at headquarters the finance department has been, and will continue to be busy as they prepare all of the books from various departments for the auditor. Keep them in prayer as they labour in good stewardship of that which the Lord has seen fit to bless us with.

This Spring has come with a lot of deadfall on the property of ANBC. I've been busy collecting and burning brush this past week. Throughout the week I've had the very welcome assistance of some folks from our church. It's certainly a blessing to be able to enjoy the outdoors this time of year!

Liz and Marcia, Kevin and I have all been busy rounding up materials, supplies and equipment for our work week coming up at Arrowhead. We have teams coming from several different churches, some as far away as Ontario, for the week of April 25th to 30th. These teams are coming ready to work, and will be helping us with MANY projects at the center. I will give you regular updates during our work week and share pictures of all of the work that we are hoping to have done. We are very excited and blessed by the sacrificial work that the work teams will do! We are certainly praying for good weather on April 30th when the largest number of people will be at ANBC to assist us with jobs!

Today we traveled to Sillikers, NB with the Strouts to share with the folks at Little Southwest Baptist Church about the ministries at Arrowhead Native Bible Center. What an encouragement it was to be among the folks there. Their enthusiasm for the ministry and concern for First Nations ministry is a blessing to us. I was so excited when we walked in and were greeted by a large sign and sign up sheet for a work day at ANBC on April 30th. There were already 16 people signed up to come along.

It's going to be a great week as we welcome Len and Lorrayne Breen, our field directors, who will be arriving from Ontario on Tuesday. They will be here for three weeks as we enjoy the work week and prepare for some meetings with NCEM executive in early May. Please keep them in prayer as they travel tomorrow and Wednesday!

Friday, April 1, 2011


Several weeks ago as Liz and I arrived at an appointment in a neighboring community we were dismayed, although not surprised, that our car sputtered to it's end. We had been hoping it would last us for several more months, but it breathed it's last that day and has since been reconciled to it's fate as a pancake.

We were at a bit of a loss as to just what we would do for transportation, but the Lord certainly had it all well planned out. And before that day was over ,our need was provided for. Some wonderfully kind folks who were aware of our need felt led to provide for it in a most generous way! They called us that evening and told us they would be giving us their 2000 Ford Windstar. I picked it up last weekend and we have been driving it for the week - it works beautifully!

We are so thankful for this kindness of friends and for their giving spirit in this amazing provision.

A very snowy April 1st!