Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ladies Retreat.

What was the best part of the ladies retreat at Camp Arrowhead...could it be the sounds of laughter being echoed across the camp, or maybe it was the outstanding food that we consumed. Could it have been the fun games we played together as a group, or perhaps it was the pampering that we got from the Mary Kay lady. I bet it was the hilarious 'fashion' show that we had Saturday night, oh no wait, it was the karaoke and hearing Gracie and Cathy's duet of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Or maybe it was the scavenger hunt we had Saturday on a beautiful fall afternoon. While all these things were great and a huge part of our weekend, I would imagine that every lady that was there would say that the best part of the weekend was the gathering of ladies wanting to learn more about God and praise HIm for all that He has done for us.

The theme for the weekend was 'Reflections of a Lovely Lady'. I myself have to admit to my failure and difficulty in obtaining the quality's of a lovely lady. However our special speaker, Beth McMahon, very eloquently and lovingly showed us from the Word of God how to become one and what attributes God looks for in a lovely lady. We looked at Proverbs 31 and Titus 2 as our reference.
We also enjoyed having Myrna Smith for the weekend as our special music. We were both blessed and encouraged through her ministry in song.

Venus Cote, Karen Fearn and Sue Bear each shared their testimonies over the weekend. It was amazing to hear each lady tell of how God worked and is working in each of their lives to bring them to Him and some from very unimaginably difficult situations. One thing that was so evident is how God can completely change a persons life. When we look at some people and how down and out and desperate they seem, sometimes we think, or at least I am guilty of thinking, there is no hope for them...they are beyond help, but that is so not true with our God. He and only He can change the life of the most down and out desperate person. In the end we are all sinners and deserve to go to hell, but thank God He loves each one of us equally and died for each one of us that we can have eternal life through Him, and have Hope!

So with out a doubt the best thing about the weekend was learning how to become the Reflection of a Lovely Lady, and to see and hear how God is changing and molding each one of us to be just that.

See you next year!

We were treated to special music Myrna Smith!

Mrs. Beth McMahon was our guest speaker for the weekend.

Some of the ladies enjoying pampering courtesy of Mary Kay.

Mr. & Mrs. Gray worked tirelessly in the kitchen.

Some of the gals relaxing.

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