Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's another New Year!

Greetings everyone, we are back in the saddle. We had a lovely Christmas holiday with Lizs' family in Nova Scotia, and enjoyed the opportunity to spend some time visiting with family and friends. The power was out here in Cumberland Bay for 28 hours while we were away, which made us a little nervous about our water pipes. Thankfully we have some wonderful neighbours and Roger Hill came to inspect for us when the power finally did come back on - no frozen pipes. Praise the Lord.

We returned on Sunday and unpacked, the next morning we awoke to no power once again, and no phone service, and no internet service. It was a little unnerving to realize we had no method of communicating with the outside world. We are still without telephone service, and as this is the fifth time since we moved here, we have decided we will do away with the land line entirely. We found a comparable cellular plan and will now use a cell phone as our home phone.

Today I've begun to get caught up on paperwork in the office and will begin working on Arrowhead's prayer letter 'The Quiver'. If you are not on our mailing list and would like to receive a copy of this in the mail, just drop me an eMail with your mailing address and I'll see that one is sent to you once they are published.

This week we will begin to plan for the summers camps and other programs that will happen throughout this year. Stay tuned for details. I do know we hope, Lord willing, to have 5 weeks of camp this year. Please keep us, incoming staff and future campers in your prayers as events approach.

Liz and I are still actively working on our deputation, and hope to have opportunity to share some more throughout this winter and Spring. Likewise Arrowhead is in need of financial support as well.

It is certainly promising to be a busy year, but we are well rested and prepared. With our P.A.T.H. training out of the way we will have adequate time to prepare for all of the ministries scheduled and unscheduled.

We trust you all had a wonderful Christmas, and New Year celebrations. Remember to Seek the Lord in all things in 2011.

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