Friday, January 28, 2011

Noah & Moses...

This morning I got up early and headed down to the camp to finish plowing away the remainder of the snow we got yesterday. As I strolled past the ANBC lodge I could hear the fire alarm ringing... I quickly went into the lodge to inspect. Upon opening the front door I was greeted by a significant sulfur odour, which accompanied by the blatting alarm was a bit more than my senses were prepared for. I went to the alarm panel and disengaged the bells, and that's when I heard it.... Running water, hmm, no, perhaps gushing water. In either event there was water everywhere. I inspected quickly to find the source and found that a pipe had broken in the boys bathroom under a sink. I shut off the water supply and continued my inspection.

Water had clearly been flowing for several hours and had seeped downstairs into the chapel and nurses station. I called Kevin and he brought his shop vac and an extra dehumidifier and we started mopping. Roger came from next door with a great big shop vac and another dehumidifier and a squeegee. Liz worked upstairs cleaning out the cupboards and floors while Kevin and I worked in the basement. We have most of the water cleaned up, but now for drying it out. Unfortunately we didn't have enough oil to run the furnace at full capacity to dry out the building, but A.N.B.C. has been given almost half a tank by some very kind individuals.

We covet your prayers as we clean up the mess. There has been some loss and damage that will need replacing or repair. We lost most of the ceiling tiles in the nurses station and almost all of our medical supplies have been ruined. We will certainly be in need of new medical supplies before we have another event at the Center. I have a list of necessary items if anyone would like to know our specific needs.

Thanks to the Lord that it was not any worse.

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