Monday, January 10, 2011


Above is a photo of a dock, it sits next to the lake just up the road from Arrowhead. A new dock system is something that we've discussed for the past couple of summers, the current dock has a couple of challenges. Primarily that the foam floats are simply that, bare foam that is eroding rather quickly. This past summer we didn't have sufficient floats for both the floating dock and the raft that the kids swim to. The other issue we have been experiencing with the dock has to do with the level of the water in the lake. There can be, and are, dramatic changes in the level of the water throughout the course of the year. This past summer the lake was very low and we were struggling to dock the boat.

A new dock, like the one above, would be approx. 120 feet long. This would get us far enough from shore to ensure sufficient depth of water. As you can see in the picture, the dock has wheels and stabilizing posts. This would allow us to easily position the dock with the tractor and maintain a stable platform for the boat to dock at.

There is a gentleman in our community who fabricates such docks, he has told us that for about $6,000 he could make us such a dock. This would include all of the steelwork and pressure treated decking.

It would certainly be an ambitious project for a church to take on, but a very practical and needed item for Arrowhead.

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