Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rising Above

Well, our schedule is rapidly filling up and we are looking forward to some wonderful things in the coming months. Kevin called me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I would be interested in going with him to an upcoming conference. He had been asked if we would go and attend as intercessory prayer partners. We have signed up and Lord willing will be attending the Rising Above annual national conference in Fredericton, NB; June 10-13.

Rising Above is a Christian organization who's mandate is "To address and raise awareness of the harmful effects of abuse among aboriginal people by providing biblical teaching, counseling and resource tools to equip First Nations people to bring God’s healing to our land." Rising Above is: "Initiated and governed by First Nations people, Rising Above is a Christian based registered charitable organization, offering hope and healing from a biblical perspective. Through teaching, counseling, music, support groups and resources, Rising Above seeks to; Educate concerning abuse issues, Empower the abused to “rise above” the hold the past has had on their lives, and Equip caregivers with tools to help those suffering from abuse.

It promises to be a challenging and perhaps difficult few days, but we are prayerful that the Lord will do mighty things. Please keep us in prayer as we prepare to go and as we seek to support others in prayer.

I've posted the promotional video from the Rising Above website below for you to view if you are interested in knowing a bit more about what Rising Above stands for.

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