Wednesday, March 11, 2009

learning the Word of God at home

The summer is rapidly approaching, plans are well underway in preparation for the upcoming summer camps at Arrowhead. With this ministry at Arrowhead in mind we have a couple of programs underway that I want to share with you over the course of the next few days. These programs are intended not only to help fill the needs of the camp for ministry this summer, but also to allow people to be directly involved with the ministry in a practical way. It is not our intention to overwhelm you with all of these programs, the three programs that are running have been launched with the intention of giving those who feel led to contribute to the ministry at Arrowhead the opportunity to do so in a way that is most suitable to them.

You Can Make A Difference...
The first program that I want to tell you about directly impacts our continued, post-camp ministry with the campers and will act as a tool for follow-up and discipleship. Snap Shots is a youth devotional book that is published quarterly. It is our hope to be able to send these devotionals to the campers along with camp updates throughout the year - maintaining contact and building stronger relationships. The cost of these devotion books is not significant, approximately $2 each, however it is our hope to hand out 100 devotionals this year. Every contribution is important and will directly impact our campers. This is an opportunity to provide them with a way to learn God's Word at home. If you would like to contribute to this ministry at Arrowhead simply contact NCEM directly and specify that you would like to contribute financially to the devotional project at Arrowhead or you can eMail Kevin and Marcia directly by clicking on the link.

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