Friday, March 13, 2009

Arrowhead is Collecting Canadian Tire Money

It is our goal to collect $500 or more in Canadian Tire Money to purchase beach and water safety equipment for our summer camps at Arrowhead. Things like; life jackets, floaters, canoe paddles, canoe bailers, water ropes, two way radios, dock bumpers and dock hardware.

You can help! By collecting Canadian Tire money & sending it in to us before June 30th. You will be helping to provide the camp with some of the very important supplies listed here. If you or a group of you would like to partner with us in this project I'd be happy to send you along some posters and a box.

Once you’ve collected up all of your Canadian Tire Money,simply place it in an envelope (or box :0) and address it to us at:
Arrowhead Native Bible Center
1659 Cox Point Rd., Cumberland Bay,
New Brunswick E4A 2Z8

Every little bit helps, all those 5¢ add up pretty quickly :0)

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