Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Grocery Grabber Coupons

We have one last program on the go this Spring at Arrowhead. This program is specifically geared for groups who wish to take a very tactile role in supporting the work at camp this summer. We have four opportunities available for those who wish to be involved in the Grocery Grabber program, and we are very excited to have two churches partnering with us already.

This program is geared for church groups that are interested in sharing together in provision for some of the practical needs of the camp. The group receives a coupon booklet like the one pictured below. Each 'coupon' in the booklet features a necessary item and quantity suggestion, these can range anywhere from toilet paper or paper towel to apple juice and potatoes. Some very practical and necessary needs of the camp. Members of a group who have chosen to take part in this program will have the opportunity to look through the coupon book, and select a 'coupon' that is suitable for them. The coupon is intended to serve as a reminder to pick up that extra item when out grocery shopping.

This is an exciting opportunity for people to share in the ministry, and people seem to be excited about it. If you or your church group would like to know more about getting a coupon book you can contact Marcia Strout at Arrowhead by clicking the link.

Arrowhead Native Bible Center Grocery Grabber Coupon Booklet

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