Monday, March 30, 2009

Another era...

Well folks, it feels like we've come through another stage of our journey. Yesterday was my last day of work with the BeaverTails outlet at Ski Martock. The season is over and the hill is closed, so once again I am unemployed. I will be exploring some other options as we await the sale of our home. Our schedule is rapidly filling and we are excited about all of what the Lord has in store for us this Spring. We are still busy with deputation and are continuing to work to build our prayer and financial support teams. The Lord continues to meet our needs.

We've had another viewing at our little house, and it seems to have gone well. Our realtor tells us that they may wish to return for another peek. But whatever transpires we're content to wait for the right time.

I will be travelling to New Brunswick this Wednesday, Kevin Strout and I will be attending some camp leadership meetings together. I'll fill you in on those when I return. It certainly will be great to spend some time with Kevin, and I am looking forward to the meetings.

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