Monday, November 9, 2009

Discipleship Weekend

We have had a student intern working with us and living at Arrowhead for the past six months or so. Deanna Bleakney is a student at Bethany Bible College in Sussex and as a part of her course requirements has been involved in various aspects of this ministry.

As a part of this program she was required to organize and operate an event at Arrowhead. This past weekend she ran a discipleship event for some of the kids who came to know the Lord this past summer. We were expecting a group of about ten kids, but unfortunately at the last minute a lot of them pulled out due to H1N1 concerns in Oromocto. We did still have a couple of kids wanting to come, so she held the event anyway. And in fact it turned out really well. The young fellas that did come have had some real struggles and the Hills have been praying for them for quite some time.

The one on one time Kevin and I were able to share with them was very valuable. One of the guys is a teen and very much into reading some dark fantasy novels and role playing games. Over the weekend, Mr. Hill read through one of his novels. After reading the novel and seeing some of the vast complexities of the storyline etc. he strongly encouraged this guy to read some of the stories in the bible. By the time we dropped the guys off at their home, he had read a vast portion of Revelations and seemed to be like it... he had a lot of questions, but seemed to really grasp what was being expressed. The Hills had recommended that he might like the 'Left Behind' books, so we may try to get him some from that series to read.

We had a lot of fun too, some of the young people from Cumberland Bay Baptist Church came and spent Saturday night with us, we played some Risk® and there was some flashlight tag, lots of junk food... and much giggling.

On Saturday Deanna had two sessions with the guys, one focusing on prayer and just what prayer is about. What exactly it means to talk to God. The second was about devotions, reading your Bible, how to do that and why it's important. The weekend ended on Sunday morning with a service, Carroll Hill gave an excellent message, very appropriate to the guys.

Kevin and I drove the guys home on Sunday afternoon. We got about twenty minutes from the camp when a radiator hose blew and spewed water all over the truck. We pulled over to have a look and found a very burst rubber hose and a very wet engine. Kevin made a desperate call to Tim Weaver and he and Lisa buzzed out to rescue us. He had a hose that fit and had us back on the road in a few short minutes!

It was a great weekend. Please pray for the two young guys that came from Oromocto for this event, and that the fellowship and Bible study will impact them. That they will have a desire to know God more and attend the Hills kids club regularly. So they can continue to learn and grow.

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Pat Elford said...

WOW!! what an opportunity to teach this kid from the BEGINNING the whole story of God and His plan for the future.