Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shediac Baptist Church: WMS

It's just been a fabulous long weekend all around! Today Liz and I traveled to Shediac, New Brunswick to share with a Women's Mission Society. It was such an encouragement to have a large crowd out to support us and learn about what it is we will be doing with NCEM at Arrowhead.

Elizabeth and I each briefly shared our testimonies and I had the opportunity to share a brief devotional and give some details about the work that we will be doing! The ladies and gentlemen that were there were keenly interested in knowing about the ministry and we were more than happy to answer their questions. It's often dangerous to open the floor to questions as it is often met with chirping crickets. But the folks in Shediac had some wonderful questions for us. It was a delight for us to be there! And not only that, but they were ready for us, they presented us with over $30 in Canadian Tire money for Arrowhead, and my mom, Edie Fawcett, spearheaded a project to collect pennies for our devotional project. Several ladies collected pennies and toonies and presented us with $181 for that program.

It is a huge encouragement to us to be able to share our excitement with people who are equally as excited about what we will be doing.

Chatting with my good friend Pastor Winston Parks after our presentation.

As with most Baptist gatherings, there was a healthy dose of fellowship, cake, tea and coffee... always a great way to meet people!

Our little display table.

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