Monday, June 15, 2009

Cumberland Bay Baptist Church

We and the Strouts had the opportunity to share in Camp Sunday at Cumberland bay Baptist Church yesterday. Kevin shared during Sunday School with the childrens' class, he gave a camp update and showed the Arrowhead DVD during the service. I had the opportunity to introduce myself and Liz and share a little bit about who we are and what we'll be doing at the camp.

Pastor Mitchel presented us with over $64 in Canadian Tire money for Arrowhead (A wonderful gift for the camp!), this brings the current total of all Canadian Tire received to date up to $607.75. We are now more than $100 over our goal, what a huge blessing. Kevin has begun to diligently watch the flyer for a sale so we can take the best advantage of this gift as possible. We were given some especially old Canadian Tire money at one point this Spring and I was able to turn 24 bills ($3 worth) into about $35 on eBay - which brings the total up to $642.75

Pastor Mitch presenting Elizabeth and Marcia with the gift of Canadian Tire money.

I've known Pastor Mitch for a lot of years, it'll be nice to live in the same community as he and his family. In Sunday school he told the kids the story about the posessed man living among the graves, how Jesus freed him and sent him off to be a missionary. With a big grin he looked up at Kevin and I and said 'you see, God can make even crazy people missionaries' ...haha... we promise we're not crazy...ish.

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