Sunday, June 7, 2009

Men's Breakfast

We had a great day yesterday at Arrowhead. A vanload of us from here in Nova Scotia traveled up on Friday night along with another carload of fellas. We all spent the night in the lodge and had a great chance to visit and just relax.

Saturday morning, Deana Bleakney, Venus Coté and Roger Hill prepared a wonderful breakfast for us. We got to road test Arrowheads new food warmer that was recently donated. There were nearly fifty men at the breakfast from all over. It was great to catch up with friends and meet some new fellas who are interested in the ministry at Arrowhead. We were blessed by a heartfelt and compelling message brought by Pastor Tim MacDonald. I think I can safely say that the fellowship was a huge blessing to all of us.

After the breakfast several of us hung around and did some Spring chores around the property. Jonathan graciously tuned up our lawn mowers and did quite a lot of work on Venus' car. Several guys pulled the canoes and paddle boats out of storage and put in the floating docks and raft. It was a beautiful day and it felt great to be at Arrowhead sharing in some of the work.

The trip home was great, as road trips with the guys always are.

Kevin kept us all organized as we gathered at the feeding buffet line.

Deanna & Venus worked hard to bring us a great breakfast feed.

pastor Tim MacDonald shared a few thoughts about the ministry of Christ at the 'lakeside'

A couple of fellas 'portaging' one of the canoes to the lake.

Jonathan spent the afternoon in the shop sharing his skills as a mechanic with Arrowhead and keeping Venus on the road.

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