Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dark Water.

Sometimes in ministry there are times when the water becomes dark and foreboding. Throughout this past week we, as a staff of volunteers and missionaries, traversed some dark waters. There have been a great many challenges both physical and spiritual, we became acutely aware of this early in the week. Physically this week we have had to have an emergency repair to the hot water heaters, the truck has been in the shop for a new water pump, we have had the worry and struggle with the contaminated waterfront and the phone system continues to be a challenge. Spiritually there was an unrest among the campers and a cloud over the volunteers. On Wednesday evening some of the missionaries met and prayed over the camp, campers and staff. Thursday morning, as a team, we focused on prayer and surrendered ourselves to the Lord, praying over the great need and seeking His strength. It was humbling to see the turn around as everyone, serving through their great fatigue, centered their hearts on the Cross for the sake of the Gospel.

We were so encouraged this week as a young man, concerned deeply about his sin and need for repentance, approached Gary Countway, or guest speaker, and ask how he could be right with God! We have come through a tremendous week, a wonderful week, a challenging week, more directly focused on God and dedicated to serving Him for His sake only.

The Lord provided for our needs, as the bill for the truck was less than half of what was expected, the hot water heaters were immediately repaired and we were given the "all clear" by the department of the environment on Wednesday afternoon just ten minutes prior to swim time! It is important to remember though, through these physical challenges, God did not require us to have any of these things in order to preach and present the Gospel. The Gospel will go forth without swim time, without a truck and yes, even without hot water! This place, and all of us serving here belong to God, and He will use us as He sees fit, and we are willing.

Praise the Lord for a clean waterfront!

Praise the Lord for the Gospel clearly spoken!

Praise the Lord for music!

Praise the Lord for friends! (and wacky missionaries)

The kids were certainly happy when the waterfront opened back up!

But... until we had the waterfront back, we made some good watery fun of our own...

 The slip and  slide worked quite nicely.

mmmm... lunch...

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