Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Camps 2012: Junior Camp #3

As has been the case this summer, each week has come with it's own set of challenges, this week was no exception. On Monday, I found myself wondering just what we would face this week. My question was very soon answered as I arrived at the Center to find that there had been a leak in the new water system. Todd Nielsen was up early in the morning and heard a gushing sound, a quick investigation alerted him to a separated pipe in the furnace room. He turned off the water main and woke Phil Welch to help sort out the problem. They cleaned up what could have been a much more serious problem had it occurred with no one around. What had happened was a pipe joint had broken loose in the new water system, it became apparent to us that these should all have been double clamped. As head of maintenance this week, Phil took care of that early in the week.

Some late nights early in the week took their toll on me physically, as I battled a cold and was greeted with a stomach flu on Friday I was forced to bed. The team at ANBC took over the reigns and finished up the day on Friday. After a restful weekend I am feeling much better and am preparing now to head down and meet with the team about our upcoming "Lil' Squirts Camp". Another challenge faced this week was the loss of our laptop (or at least it's brain), which was a bit debilitating as it contained all of my camp roster, staffing and camp program files. Not to mention all of our personal and ministry information. I do run frequent back-ups of the data, but haven't had opportunity since the beginning of camp. Thankfully I was able to find a company in Fredericton that was able to replace the hard drive in our machine and retrieve the data from the old drive. It will take some time to get things put back together, but we are up and running for the time being.

We have been tremendously blessed this summer with staff who love the Lord and with guest speakers dedicated to clearly presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We are so thankful for the truth that has been taught and the understanding that has begun to be seen in the lives of some of these young people. The success of our summer camp ministries is not based on numbers of professions, but on clear and complete presentation of the gospel and good relational discipleship. And those things have happened this summer at ANBC abundantly. It has been a joy to see the Lord work in the lives of campers, leading them to question their sin and recognize their desperate need for repentance and Faith! It has also been a joy to see the Lord work in the lives of our volunteer staff as they seek to serve Him... this summer has not been without it's challenges, but through everything, even through those things we might call problems, God has been Glorified - and that is indeed all that matters.

Below is a video put together by our guest speaker this week, Micah Hiltz. Thanks so much Micah for your attitude of service and diversity of ministry in speaking, music, games, sports and photography!

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