Tuesday, July 3, 2012

ANBC Volunteer Training 2012

It was a full weekend! It was an excellent weekend. We began on Friday afternoon as the volunteers for the upcoming summer camps began to arrive. There is something wonderful about the camp filling with friends and family all reuniting and enjoying one another's company. There were more than 70 of us here for the weekend, it was encouraging to have so many turn out for the training.

We began Friday evening at about 8pm with seminars 1 and 2. This weekend we challenged Worldviews with God's Word and talked about the many important aspects of ministry. We held 8 more seminars throughout the day on Saturday, covering such topics as hermeneutics, cross cultural communication, co-dependency, camp schedules and programs, evangelism issues, cabin devotions, camp music and games. There was lots of time for fellowship and fun as well, with games and swimming. And we even had some fireworks to celebrate the Canada Day weekend. After fellowship and worship with our friends at Cumberland Bay Baptist church, we concluded on Sunday afternoon with camp rules and expectations.

It was a blessing and encouragement to have everyone together for the weekend. There was a good spirit of unity as we looked into God's Word and focused ourselves on the task at hand. We are so very thankful for the provision of the Lord and the willing hearts of those committed to coming and serving with us in ministry together throughout this summer.

We were once again blessed by Devon Park Baptist Church with their gifts of cereal and other necessities for our summer camps!

And the kind generosity of the folks at Jacksontown Baptist Church as they donated to our pantry for our summer camps.

Learning some of the music for the upcoming summer camps.

Trying out some summer camp challenges.

These young ladies visited the craft cabin and made some jewellery to sell to raise money for Arrowhead's new dock.

We were blessed by wonderful meals, faithfully prepared by the ladies in the kitchen.

It wasn't all classroom time this weekend - there was opportunity for a swim on Saturday afternoon.

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