Tuesday, March 6, 2012

God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life

God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life
by Ray Comfort

I'd heard about this book from several friends, and after Liz read it and strongly recommended I read it, I did. I had no real idea what I was getting into when I first began, but as the book progressed I found that Ray has an excellent way of bringing out some poignant truths. Using scripture, statistic and sound Biblical reason Ray paints a picture of modern day Christendom and evangelism that is a bit hard to look at.

We will be making this book available (and mandatory) for all of our summer volunteers at Arrowhead this summer. If you are planning to be with us in any capacity and would like to get a jump on reading this book, you can either order a free copy or download the audiobook for free by visiting www.freewonderfulbook.com or by clicking HERE.

If you are involved in ministry, if you are involved in church, if you are involved in evangelism of any kind, you should read this book. As Ray Comfort dispels misconceptions about evangelism he encourages Christians to find Truth in God's Word.

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Jim said...

Thanks for sharing this resource! I downloaded the audio version - look forward to listening. :)