Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 1 at J2N: Missions Fest Halifax 2012

Liz and I met with Phil and Gracie Welch in Halifax today for Missions Fest Halifax. Jesus to the Nations is an annual Missions Conference that is held at Mount St. Vincent University. Many evangelical mission organizations and para church organizations gather for the opportunity for PR, recruitment and mobilization. It is a wonderful opportunity to connect with friends in other missions, and to engage with other individuals for the first time. It is an opportunity to connect with thousands of individuals who are interested in missions in any number of capacities. Some are seeking opportunities to serve for both short and long term, and some are looking for opportunities to support and encourage those involved in missions. Others still, are simply curious about just what missions are doing. We have very much enjoyed the first evening of the conference and are looking forward to a great weekend. If you're in the area stop in and see us!

Liz & Gracie at the NCEM / ANBC Booth

Phil & Grant at the NCEM / ANBC Booth

Venus is here at J2N as well

Craig, James & Martha (New Brunswick Bible Institute)... sorry Alisha is missing from the picture... maybe we'll catch her tomorrow!

Brian Seeley (HCJB Global) and Sarah Barnes (Wycliffe)

Liz and Judy Porter (Jesus 2 the Nations)

Brad Somers (Pax North) and Stephen Somers (Pioneers), Stephen has served with us at Arrowhead as guest speaker for teen camp in the past and we are excited to welcome him again for our teen camp 2012.

Merla Gogel (SEND International) and Liz

Our good friends Martin & Sue Bear (Rising Above)

Grant & Rob Flanigan (OMF)

Our friend Ewen MacKillop is at seminary and is studying for ministry

Our long time friends Doris Singer and Cathy Blois representing Compassion.

Our buddy Paul Patterson is on the Praise Team for the conference!

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