Wednesday, March 21, 2012

a beautiful day, a rental and a little mishap

It was a busy day at Arrowhead today. We had a rental at the Center for most of the day; the Sussex Christian Academy used the facilities for some leadership training with some of their students. Liz worked diligently in the kitchen and I was asked to present to the kids for an hour about Arrowhead, NCEM, missions and our call to ministry. It was a great opportunity to share what the Lord has been teaching us over the past few years as we've begun to work with NCEM.

Some of Liz's handiwork for snack time.

We were anticipating the delivery of "the Quiver", Arrowhead's newsletter, today by post. It didn't come with the mail, so I thought perhaps it was delayed. While I was taking the garbage to the dumpster after lunch, I heard the rather distinct sound of airbrakes hissing up at the main road. I thought perhaps the delivery was being made by truck, so I hopped in the camp truck and buzzed up to the road... to find this:

The driver had decided to turn around in our driveway and slid off the edge of the road. You can see in the second picture where he had been sitting before I pulled him out. He detached the trailed and I gave him a bit of a tug with the truck to get him moving. After some maneuvering he got all sorted out and on his way... but not until after delivering five small boxes of magazines. Ah... it's always an adventure! If you'd like to receive one of these magazines, just let me know... I promise not to send it in such a big truck.

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