Friday, October 21, 2011

Truro, Hatfield Point and Cumberland Bay

Our week started out last Sunday with a trip to the People's Church in Truro, Nova Scotia. Liz didn't accompany me on this ministry update trip - she remained behind at the Center to meet the arriving folks for our work week. It was a real pleasure to be at People's church and connect with some old friends. They are hosting their missions month and I was invited to share a ministry update for the Sunday evening service. Because Liz wasn't able to accompany me - I invited Todd Hill, a friend of ours from our church here in Cumberland Bay, to come along for the ride. We picked up Ben Bedecki on the way - it was a great night for a road trip and nice to have an extra few sets of eyes watching for moose.

Monday morning we started bright and early on some work projects. Our friends Rob & Irene joined us along with Paul and Ken from Lisbon Falls. They accomplished a lot of necessary projects; some plumbing, electrical, winterizing, equipment servicing, carpentry, landscaping, tree cutting, to name a few! We very much enjoyed the fellowship and company, working alongside our friends this week.

The boat has been winterized and our tractor has two brand new front tires to get us ready for the winter! We're well prepared and almost finished with our winterizing projects.

On Wednesday night I was invited to give a thirty minute update at Hatfield Point Baptist church. Ken and Paul accompanied me and we enjoyed an evening of fellowship with the folks there and a great opportunity to share our excitement in our ministries with NCEM at ANBC.

Tomorrow morning we'll be hitting the road and heading for Lisbon Falls, Maine to take part in their missions conference - we should be home Thursday next week! Please keep us in prayer as we travel and present Arrowhead's ministry.

Ken putting the finishing touches on some plumbing!

Our lovely new sink in the medic station.

Ken finishing up the install!

Paul made sure we that we're all ready for the winter.

Rob cleaned the moss and leaves from off the roofs of several of our cabins.

Paul cut down a lot of deadwood and wind damage for us.

Rob did some carpentry for us this week - this was one of his projects - a wheel cart for our bows and arrows.

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