Friday, October 7, 2011

a week of opportunity!

While Liz and I were at NCEM's general conference this year, I was approached by Brian Kent about a ministry opportunity this fall. He asked if I would be willing to travel with a group of missionaries for a week as a part of a co-operative to promote cross-cultural missions in New Brunswick.

This "World of Opportunities" tour began for me last Saturday morning, when I had the opportunity to meet the team I would be traveling with. We met in Moncton to discuss our game plan and work on scheduling and program. Our team this year was comprised of; Jessica Dempster and Sarah Barnes, mobilizers for Wycliffe; Merla Gogel, mobilizer with SEND; Brian Seeley, with HCJB Global; Rob Flannigan with OMF; Leah Vanderlaan mobilizer for Avant; and myself representing NCEM.

Each venue that we engaged in was different and as such, we tailored our program to suit the audience. Our first stop was at the Journey Church, a Convention Baptist Church in Moncton. We took part in their youth group events for the evening.

Brian Seeley and myself following our first event.

Jessica Dempster and Leah Vanderlaan enjoying some Chai Tea, as a part of our sample table of world foods.

We had some good opportunities to engage with some of the youth and youth leaders.

On Monday morning we met at Moncton Wesleyan to take part in chapel time and a morning class at Moncton Christian Academy. I took part in this venue by sharing my testimony - at each location we each took part in various ways, sharing responsibilities and opportunities for exposure.

Merla, illustrating co-operation with her Japanese marriage coat.

Following our time at Moncton Christian Academy we met at a local café for another planning meeting.

Monday night we met in the residence at Crandall University. We hosted a pizza event and were able to take part in their weekly Rez Worship. I was especially encouraged to be able to take part in their time of worship together - it was a blessing to be there.

Tuesday morning the team converged on Bethany Bible College, some of us remained there to be introduced during chapel. The others from our team traveled to St. Stephen to interact with students at St. Stephen's University. At Bethany, we made ourselves available for the afternoon in the student lounge, serving international foods and teas. The team reassembled in the evening in a classroom at Bethany for an evening of fellowship over pizza, round table discussion and time of prayer with students. It was a great opportunity to hear from the students and address some of the specific concerns.

Tuesday night the team stayed with us at ANBC.

On Wednesday morning we were at Devon Park Christian School. We took part in three classroom sessions with the high school students and were asked to take the two chapel times for both elementary and high school.

Here Sarah is illustrating the vast array of opportunities in missions and the importance of having Christian people step up to the field to assist in whatever way God has gifted.

Wednesday evening our team of missionaries shared opportunities at Devon Park Baptist Church. Merla and Jessica were a part of the Awana program, Rob and Brian took prayer meeting - Leah, Sarah and I were a part of the Merge youth group.

Thursday morning we were at New Brunswick Bible Institute. We were asked to take part in two classes and the chapel time. The team asked if I would share during the chapel time - so I took the opportunity to share our story of how God called us into ministry! In the evening we held dorm meetings with the respective guys and gals dorms. I think among the fellas there was a consensus that this was an invaluable opportunity to engage with the young men and answer some of their questions about missions, call, cross-culture etc.

Leah and Sarah at the N.B.B.I. chapel.

During our time at N.B.B.I. we had the opportunity to share with small groups in each class.

The classes broke into six small groups and those of us on the team moved around the room for 5 minute sessions with each group.

Although I was uncertain just what to expect this week, and I was skeptical about the value and outcome of such a missions tour. This was such an encouraging and valuable opportunity to engage with students and young people and hopefully inspire them to the call to missions. Our team bonded very quickly and I think we worked well together to our common purpose.

Please pray for the many contacts that were made this week, and that the Lord would work in the hearts of those touched by a call to ministry. Pray also, for each of the missionaries that I had the privilege to meet and work with this week. That their ministries would be fruitful and the Lord would keep them safe in their travels!

Liz and I will continue to travel for the next several months as we work on both our own deputation and promotion for Arrowhead! We look forward to connecting with many of you over the coming months!

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Jessica Kramasz said...

That sounds like a wonderful week. I will be praying.