Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas is coming...

It was a beautiful chilly day today at Arrowhead. We have lots of snow to cover the ground and make the tree boughs hang. This afternoon we met the Strouts in the main lodge and decorated our lovely 9 foot Christmas tree together. It was a nice day for a little festive music and decorating. Our house is starting to get into the season too.

Yesterday, I took the N.B.B.I. guys up to the highway to meet their ride back to the school. We enjoyed having them with us for a few days. There were many board games played and lots of good discussion. I'm sure they're keeping the school on it's toes.

Liz and I will be meeting our field directors at the airport tomorrow night at 11:30, they will be with us at Arrowhead until next week. On Friday we will welcome all of the Eastern field missionaries at Arrowhead. We will be having some meetings and a bit of a Christmas get together. Please keep the missionaries in prayer as they travel.

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Carl & Laura said...

Give our greetings to everyone there. WIsh we could join you.