Thursday, November 11, 2010


On Tuesday Liz and I struck out for Woodstock to meet with a Women's Mission Society from Jacksontown Baptist Church. They have shown a great interest in the Ministry of Arrowhead and had asked us to come and share a little bit with the group about Arrowhead and what is happening here. We enjoyed very much a lovely meal with our hostess and fellowship with the ladies. There were eight ladies at the meeting and let me just say, what a mighty group of mission minded women. The things they accomplish for the Lord in their community and around the world is fantastic and was humbling to share in. Liz and I were both very encouraged and blessed, not only by their enthusiasm, but their hearts for mission and love of the Lord were such an encouragement.

We enjoyed the opportunity to talk about ANBC at length and share with them. The meeting, including fellowship was 3 hours long and we were on our way home at about 10:30pm. We had taken with us the camp truck, which unfortunately was having a hard night and it decided to share that with Liz and I. We had just about reached Fredericton and the truck overheated. I had fortunately stashed a jug of rad fluid behind the seat so we sat and waited for the truck to cool so I could add the rad fluid. As we waited a good Samaritan from Quebec stopped. He had driven past and was quite a distance up the highway, but stopped and backed up all the way to where we were to see if we needed assistance. He helped me add the rad fluid and followed us to the Irving Big Stop near Oromocto. I put in a couple of jugs of water and we got home fine. The truck is now at the shop and in need of a new radiator.

To spite our little truck adventure, Liz and I had a wonderful evening.

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