Wednesday, November 3, 2010

bobbing for apples.

As we wind down from the past months excitement and hunker down for winter, Liz and I continue to travel and share about this ministry the Lord has called us to. We very much enjoy spending time with friends as we continue our deputation and are encouraged by their enthusiasm for the ministry.

This past Sunday we had the pleasure of sharing with the folks at River Glade Baptist church. Their excitement for Arrowhead has been a tremendous blessing to us over the past year. After we shared with them last Winter, they set about raising funds for ANBC by collecting pennies and recyclables. This past Sunday we were presented with a cheque for $500 for the camp. The amount of time and work that went into collecting those funds was tremendous, a ministry of love to be sure. At the outset of this labour of love, Pastor Smith made a promise that he'd submit to a camp style activity if they reached their goal. So, after the service he and I bobbed for apples in buckets of Jello and water... good fun!!

It's begun to get chilly 'round these parts, winter is coming! We've finally succumbed to turning on the heat for good. I spent the day yesterday cleaning up in the new office. I'm eager to have it all done, so it was nice to put things together a bit yesterday. I do need to find another lateral filing cabinet and about 200 legal hang files to continue the filing project I've been working on. We're in need of flooring for the office as well, which will certainly bring it to life. As the office is currently unheated we are hopeful to acquire an electric fireplace as a heat source to make it a more comfortable workspace. It can get a bit chilly in there 'cooking the books'.

This coming weekend we are off to Windsor and Halifax in Nova Scotia to visit some churches and share updates form the past months! It will be nice to see friends and reconnect.

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