Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Telephone Woes

Well. We returned home on Saturday night, Liz and Marcia had returned from Nova Scotia earlier in the day. We spent the day Sunday recovering from our travels and got busy with unpacking on Monday.

Sunday afternoon we discovered that the phone was no longer working. We had noticed a buzzing on the line before we left last week, so a service call was already booked for yesterday. I waited all day for a tech, she arrived at abut 3:30. To shorten a long and painful story, we've been on the phone (cell) with Aliant numerous times and still have no phone service (and no more cell minutes). I am waiting around again today for a technician to return. If there was another option for service I'd switch providers.

Marcia and Liz have gone to Moncton today to get supplies for the upcoming ladies retreat. It is a busy week and there is quite a lot to do along with unpacking.


Nancy W said...

Do you have Vonage or MagicJack in Canada?

Jeff White said...

Hi Grant & Liz,
Welcome back to NB! Not that I'm there.
How can I email you? Do you have a new address?