Sunday, August 31, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend!

This has been an amazing weekend. The Lord has done a lot of things and impacted our lives and the lives of our friends. We spent Saturday with family, Liz's brother, Jonathan is our mechanic (pressed into service against his will) and always takes great care of us - for which we are very grateful. He spent his Saturday afternoon preparing our 'new' vehicle for the road. Several weeks ago I went looking for a parts car for our Mazda. What found us was a real blessing - the car that I bought as a parts car turned out to be 10 times the vehicle we were trying to repair. The body in beautiful condition, which is a result of the faithful application of undercoated every year since it hit the road in 1996, it has 200,000 LESS kms on it than the one we have been driving. The new car is equipped with a car starter and came with a full tank of gas - the huge part of the blessing of this new vehicle is that it was just $200 - it's amazing to see God providing for us already as we prepare to go. Jonathan has been switching parts from the 'old' Mazda to the 'new' Mazda.

Saturday night we had the pleasure of meeting the new pastor and his wife of Habitation Baptist Church, we've been invited to share with Habitation on Sunday morning, September 14. We look forward to sharing our excitement and ministry with Elizabeth's home church - they have been so encouraging to us.

We returned home Saturday night and got to Windsor about 12:30am - it was a long and productive day. We were met with a phone message from our colleagues Kevin & Marcia. A new friend of ours, a new believer, needed support and encouragement - Kevin intended to travel to Prince Edward Island early Sunday morning to offer his support. I wanted very much to support both Kevin and our friend and so left at about 3:20am and headed to New Brunswick. I met Kevin at the New Brunswick border and we went to the Island together. I returned home just prior to noon. It was a whirlwind trip, but absolutely worth every second. I received an encouraging eMail this evening from a missionary friend of mine, at the bottom of his message were the following two lines - "A river touches places of which its source knows nothing. Our Father rarely allows a person to see how great a blessing he is." It's so important for us to strive to love one another always.

Our home church here in Windsor has shown great interest in our upcoming ministry and has been very supportive of us in our desire to follow the Lord's will. In today's bulletin was a very nice 'Call to Missions' update, sharing details of our ministry assignment and support needs. It is so encouraging for us to have the support and prayers of friends and family.

It's exciting to think what this upcoming week might hold!


The 'new' wheels

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