Monday, August 25, 2008

A Cumberland Bay kinda weekend.

Hey y'all,

Well - it was going to be Family Camp at Arrowhead this weekend, but it was postponed. Since Liz and I had been planning to go up to New Brunswick to help Kevin and Marcia with hosting the camp, we decided to go anyway and help with winterizing some of the equipment. It was a great weekend - I picked Liz up at the Pharmasave after her shift and we hit the highway - we arrived at the Strouts place before 9:30pm.

Saturday morning, Kevin, James and I pulled in the docks and a couple of the canoes - Marcia and Liz prepared a picnic for all of us and we enjoyed a sunny lunch by Grand Lake. In the afternoon we took one last spin in the boat before it came out of the water. Saturday evening we got to meet another summer camp staffer from this year, our new friend Ben came up from NS to visit for the weekend.

It was a great weekend of work, fun and planning. It was good to have a chance to chat with Kevin and Marcia about our impending training, and planning for our arrival at the camp. They are eager for us to join them and get busy! Liz and Marcia did some planning for the upcoming ladies retreat as well - it sounds like it's going to be a great weekend if any ladies are interested in receiving information on attending, just let us know.

We used the old boat trailer to move the sections of dock out of the water.

They're heavier than they look (the docks...)

Little boat... Big lake.

Arrowhead directors Marcia and Kevin Strout.

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