Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring Work Week 2014

Every Spring we hold a Spring work week to help us in completing some maintenance and repair as well as property clean up from the Winter. This year we were unable to do any yard work, as the yard is still much buried in snow. It is finally clearing, so we will begin with the leaf and windfall clean-up over the next few weeks.

It was so wonderful to have our friends from Victory Baptist Church, Newmarket, Ontario with us this past week; we had a wonderful week of fellowship and labour together as final renovations to the speakers cabin were done as well as finishing touches in the bookshop and a new tile floor in the staff washrooms.

One of the most vital ministries that people share with us in is practical hands on work here at the property. Without these faithful servants of the Lord we would not be able to maintain our physical property.

 Daphne was always helping everywhere, doing the dishes was a huge help in the kitchen.

Martin worked hard at completing the mudding.

Roger kindly loaned us his tile saw so we could lay tile in the staff bathrooms.
It was great to get to know George & Barb this year - they did some great work in our staff washrooms.

The team from Victory also did some finishing touches on the painting in the bookshop.

 Paul doing drywall prep.

We'd love to adopt these lovely folks!! What a blessing it was to have them with us this week.

The Speakers Cabin renovation has been a project undertaken by our friends at Victory Baptist Church Newmarket, Ontario for two years now. It is wonderful to see it come to completion. Although the "after" picture is beautiful - it does not do justice to the amount of work the team did to achieve it. After the demo, the building was completely re-insulated and plumbed; a wall was moved and a new window and door installed, new flooring was lay and the walls all freshly painted! It has been a huge blessing to get to know and work alongside these hard working folks!

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